Went fishing for new candidates,and came back with a pretty good haul.

I sent a mass e-mail out to the county auditors last night in an attempt to scout out some intelligence on who is circulating nominating petitions for the state legislative races. And I have to say, the responses I've received so far speak very highly of the openness and competency of our County Auditors.

Almost without exception, they were great. Quick response, and they told me what I needed. No wonder no one ever wants to run against them. They do their jobs well.

Only one so far - Lake County - told me "I do not wish to pass these names on." And I guess that's ok. They aren't required to record it in the first place. That, and I already know one of the R's who is running for the House there.

So, who have I managed to scout out so far?

There's a Karen Ballert who has petitions out for the District 31 Senate race as an independent. And in District 29, Maurice LaRue who was knocked out by by Thomas Brunner is going to make an attempt to get back in the saddle in that House Race.

And don't forget the candidates I had previously scouted out that are circulating petitions -
Manny Steele Republican for the District 12 House Race
Brian A. Roth Republican for the District 12 House Race
Gregory R. Allis Republican for the District 15 House Race
Kent Juhnke Republican for the NEW District 21 House Seat
Dennis Schmidt Republican for District 33 Senate Race
Mark Kirkeby Republican for the District 35 House Race
Lyle Hendrickson Republican for the District 35 House Race
Is it weird to not see any Democrats on this list? Well, no.

I've been scouting out candidates like this for years. Back when I was with the State GOP as thier Legislative Campaign Coordinator, I'd use this as a way to figure out candidates who didn't bother contacting the party (and it happens more often than you think).

At least it's been my experience that the Democrats have tended to keep thier petition circulation closer to their chests. As far as I can tell, they tend to avoid getting them from auditors, and either they get them from the party or they go to the Secretary of State, who has always been a tightwad on letting anyone know who has taken them out (and it's been that way for more than the 18 years I've been involved).

And just like the auditors, that's their perogative. They aren't official documents filed with them yet, and as far as I know, there's no law that says "PP always gets his way." Yet.

Speaking of the Secretary of State, starting tomorrow, you need to keep a close eye on this web page: http://www.sdsos.gov/electionsvoteregistration/upcomingelection.shtm. The first day to file petitions for office is tomorrow, January 20th, and there will be a link on this page where you can monitor who is turning in petitions.

In fact, right along with my candidate WIKI (which I need to update) it's to be considered required reading.


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