Congrats from the SDWC

Congratulations to Jafar Karim who just got a nice job with the DM&E Railroad as mentioned in the media today. Jafar is a local Pierre grad who had previously served as White House Liaison for the Department of Health and Human Services, and worked as Congressman John Thune’s Chief
of Staff
. Jafar is leaving his current position as the head of the Governor's Office of Economic Development.

"Jaf" as he's known to his friends is the son of Ruth Karim (who was a GOP candidate for the legislature many years ago [I think in a primary]), and Mansour Karim, who just set up a large endowment and scholarship fund at South Dakota State University. There's a neat story on his endowment here how he arrived at SDSU with $27 in his pocket and worked at the seed lab at $.20 an hour.

Anyway, read the Article here, and congratulations to Jafar on his new job from the SDWC.


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