More on the Unruh/Looby Article

It's been pointed out in the blogosphere that parts of that Unruh/Looby article in the Rapid City Journal appear to read... Well, parts of it just read "a little funny." And the more I look at it, the more I can't disagree.
"Because of their extremism and their sort of radical approach to the issues that I deal with, I have had an interesting three-year career with Planned Parenthood," she said.


Looby said she is handling the fallout from the bill's passage, but it is taking its toll. She has four school-age children, is going through a divorce and recently moved.

"I was thinking this morning, 'What's the one other thing that's going to happen that's going to put me totally over the edge?' And it wouldn't take much," Looby said.
Umm... yeah. Aside from that's a bit too much information, how does it benefit the pro-choice movement when it's figurehead seems to be going a little postal? (By her own admission.) At least in my mind, it's not a statement that evokes a feeling of sympathy or confidence in her cause.

And I don't think she meant to come across calling planned parenthood extremist. Or did she? It's kind of difficult to tell. As the abortion debate has raged over the last year, Kate has shown an unusual propensity for statements that regardless of your position on the issue, it takes you back and makes you go "What did she say?"

The one that sticks out in my mind was during the Task Force to Study Abortion where she expressed that some people just don't do babies and that's their choice. She continued that she has four children and she's bonded with them, but then stated "I don't do babies." (and no, I didn't miss that one).

After this latest article, I have to wonder if she's reached the point where she's no longer going to be an effective spokesperson for her movement.


Anonymous said…
I am quite sure she means Unruh/Hunt/etc when she says "their."

For that matter, if you are female and have half a brain, paying any attention at all to the legislature would make you go postal. I attended several hearings on these issues over the last few years, and the idiocy, the blatant lying from the anti-abortion side, is amazing.
Anonymous said…
Why don't you just leave Kate alone. It is a hard job and she does it with little support, the weight must be unbearable.
Try doing something like this by yourself and see how it feels.
It isn't easy being alone so just lay off.
PP said…
Anon 2:21, I WOULD post anonymously if I were making a comment that lame.

These are political issues, not a knitting circle.
Anonymous said…
Kate does as good a job as she possibly can. I don't think she could be replaced by someone any better.
The fact that she said that she recently bought a house would indicate that she has no intention of going away.
I think the people that write and read this blog are infatuated or obssesed with Kate Looby. Enough already.
Anonymous said…
After hearing some of the crazy behavior and personal attacks by the anti-abortion people towards Looby and all of the people who spoke out against the ban, this has hardly been a cake walk. I don't think Looby was going after sympathy, it appeared the reporter was asking how it impacted them.
Anonymous said…
Looby is an evil person! She advocates the killing of innocent life, and that cannot be denied. When judgement day comes, she will burn in hell.

Pro-abortionist just don't get it. The choice comes when he or she decides to have sex or not. Once a human life in conceived (immediate human life, which science now proves), he or she cannot reconsider their stupid choice and kill an innocent human being. How stupid do you have to be to not understand?

I know everyone will speak up about the "exceptions". I can live with the rape and incest exception, since it comprises of a whopping 3%-5% of all abortions. However, abortion on demand is unacceptable to anyone with a moral conscience.
Anonymous said…
Who's moral conscience? Yours? The collective moral conscience? Why don't you just say your personal religious conscience as either heartly fealt by you or possibly even told to you. Read Roe v. Wade. Understand what a tough decision it was that led the majority to say that they weren't in a position to judge this issue, and dare I say, neither are you stone tosser.
Silas said…
In today's political climate, it is dangerous for a public figure to admit going through a stressful time. Such an admission feeds blogs. It gives them chance to label someone of a different political belief as "postal." That term has come into usage to refer to the many former postal workers who have gone into their former place of employment and shot it up, killing many people. This kind of off-hand defamation of character, which does form images of personality in the minds of the devoted partisans, is the principle business of blogs.

Then add to it comments of the level that labels Ms. Looby as evil and you get a very definite strain of Sunni-like hate mongering that tends far more to the postal than an admission that divorce, the stress of dealing with the truly postal, and the damaging effects of the general climate of American politics does.

When people have the courage to identify themselves, we can make rationale judgments on the basis of verbal evidence about who seems to be going postal. While the Democrats are telling themselves that their base is being energized by the many failures in American life, I see a growing segment of people who have given up on American politics because of its devotion to defamation and hate-mongering. And blogs are among the main pieces of evidence.
Anonymous said…
Whatever baggage Looby brought into this mess and mixed with her job will ultimately have to be fixed by her predecessors. Good luck to them.
Lobby has led a rather predacious life and it will eventually lead to her downfall. It's just one of those situations where, if you just let it run long enough, it will take care of itself. There is a pattern here as you will find out.
There is a certain narcissism here curiously mixed with self destruction. Why admit that you are dating someone while you are married? What did she think people were going to think? That is the kind of thing that would get most people fired from their job.
Matbe that is what she wants so she can move on to better things.
Anonymous said…
To Silas,
First, thanks for defining the term "postal" for us. We have all been under rocks for 20 years and have never heard the term before.
Second, your second paragraph is all over the place. What are you trying to say?
After that, the balance of your comment is strangely incoherent. Sunni-like, what how can you compare some comments in a blog "Sunni-like"? Isn't that a little irrational. Do you know what the Sunni's are like? I don't think so.
How would you know anything about Looby's divorce? Maybe it's a good thing. Many people are liberated by divorce. She wasn't forced to do the article. She said what she wanted people to hear as did Unruh.
Anonymous said…
Looby's comments about no one from the outside is running things is partly correct. No one from outside the State is running the show but someone from outside Planned parenthood is and we all know who that is, don't we Stan.
Anonymous said…
anon 8:26
You're right, she is doing the best job she can. That's the problem.
The abortion issue is complex and it needed someone who knew what they were doing, not an just a feminist advocate. It isn't about who yells the loudest, it's about you're effectiveness at the Capitol and with the press.
That didn't materialize with Looby and again, that's the problem.
I hate to say it but Unruh out strategized her and Unruh is no Einstein. You do the math.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:48

I know Kate Looby and you could not have chosen a more perfect word than "predacious".
I had to look it up:
Living by preying on others: Destroying for one's own gain:
Living by taking or seizing and given to victimizing.
There was a picture of Kate under that.
Jackson said…
Re: Silas
There is nothing like having one's comments criticized by an illiterate who can't read. With stuff like this being said, why would anyone go into public service. It is like being a stable hand in a vipers nest.
Anonymous said…
An "illiterate who can't read" -- is that like deja vu all over again?
Anonymous said…
re: Jackson
You're lack of understanding english words is showing. Not to mention you're grammer.
Anonymous said…
You have to wonder why Kate or someone that knows her doesn't respond to these comments. I don't buy the argument that these comments are beneath her. She responded to the one that accused her of dating someone while still
Why are these different?
Anonymous said…
The reason she probably doesn't respond is that half of the posts appear to be from people either full-o-nuts or just half-full-o-nuts.
Douglas said…
There must be a minor imp or fairy that makes certain anybody criticising somebody else's writing makes a number of spelling and other errors. The imp was very busy on this one:

You're lack of understanding english words is showing. Not to mention you're grammer."

Unless of course it is satire.

I would sure like to see real names attached to comments.
Anonymous said…
The Abortion issue in South Dakota has brought out the best and worst in most everyone involved, while at the same time becoming extremely obstreperous.
One individual in particular has become the recipient of this rebarbative situation more than most and I would like to advance the argument that this has been unfair and unkind.
Her name is Kate Looby and if I may, I would like to bring some attention to this in an effort to clear up some discrepencies.
Kate is a friend of mine and I have always considered myself a better person for having been given the opportunity to understand who and what she is all about. Kate is a dedicated advocant for a cause that she believes in. How many of us can say that about ourselves. It's not easy to do this when you are in the minority and the personal attacks are not anything that are going to derail her in the long or the short term.
Kate is a strong person, far from the necessitious woman that many people would have you think. She is not in this fight for herself. She is in it because she believes in her heart-of-hearts that this is what is best for women.
Kate is surrounded by an equally strong family that supports her entirely, including her daughter who recently went to Pierre for a Planned Parenthood event organized by her. Again, how many of us can say that?
She is the State Directors of a National Organization and a single mother raising four wonderful children. She is a person who spends a great deal of her time helping women who may otherwise have no where else to go and whom she will never meet. It is selfless, hard and rewarding work and how anyone can say she is shelfish is beyond my ability to understand how people judge.
The abortion issue will take on a life of it's own eventually and what ever happens will happen just try to remember at the end of the day, who is after the truth and who is after self advancement. Kate would be the former.
My advice would be to take some time to talk to her and perhaps this might lower the obloquy that this issues brings up.
Anonymous said…
Wow! This is very interesting. I have a couple of comments. One, I certainly wasn't referring to Planned Parenthood when I said "their" in the quote. I was referring to the extremists who want to ban all abortions in SD. I'm sorry Carsen Walker didn't clarify that in his story.

Two, for all of you who might need something constructive to do, I have some petitions here waiting for signitures. Let me know if you would like me to send one to you.

My professional life has become very interesting of late. It is energizing and exciting to know that the voters of SD will soon be able to be heard on this important issue.

For my personal life, it is exactly that, personal. But for those of you who can't leave it at that, my children are wonderful (my daughter tied for 1st place in the high jump yesterday at the field meet!) and I'm still dating the Pierre atty.

Thank you to those of you who have been so supportive above.
Anonymous said…
Oh brother, why don't the two of you get a room.
PP said…
Guys, if you notice I'm deleting a few comments:

I dump comments that aren't true to the point that they are bordering on slander, or they just go a little beyond the realm of political discourse.

Don't like it? Sorry, But keep in mind it's my blog. You know, the whole "I control the horizontal/I control the vertical thing.."
Anonymous said…
Chastise some and protect others. You do have a chrush on Kate don't you. Good journalism.
PP said…
Anon 1:36 - Aside from being an ass, clearly, you don't know what the meaning is of being a guest in someone else's home.

That, plus I'm the one on the hook for defending commentary. Not someone hiding behind a veil of anonymity.

It's things like this that will drive me to require registration for comments, and then you'll be stuck being responsible for yourself.

Of course, then you won't have the courage to to identify yourself.

Don't like it? Go somewhere else.

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