JAIL is comin. To your city. You may begin shuttering your doors now.

Tim from over at Progressive on the Prairie did a post on the No-on-E Weblog (that we're both disseminating information on) detailing some of the dates that the JAIL-4-Judges crew is setting up informational meetings across the state:

According to the "old" website for South Dakota's Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.), the J.A.I.L.ers are kicking off their "Amendment E Voter Education Campaign" this weekend. According to the site, a "town hall meeting/debate" will be held at the Gregory Memorial Auditorium starting at 1:00 p.m.

Similar functions are also currently scheduled for Brandon, May 13; Mobridge, May 20; Hot Springs: June 3; and, Brookings; June 10.
June 10th in Brookings. Now that looks like it actually has the potential to fit my schedule. I'll have to pencil that one in, unless they hold one in Pierre first.

Now here's a stupid question that comes to mind - If the AmendmentE.com website is supposed to be the authoritative website on amendment E, then why is the supposedly old and inactive website of southdakotajudicialaccountability.com doing the announcing on all of this? It makes little sense...

Oh... Sorry. I forgot. Nothing connected with Amendment E makes any sense.


Anonymous said…
What day is the kickoff in Gregory?
PP said…
May 6th
Anonymous said…
The most interesting part of the May 6th meeting will be watching the chairs to see in the invited persons with their names on the chairs will be filled. It is their opportunity to dabate this! No shows will tell the voters the story.
Anonymous said…
Yeah... that will be the interesting part. Billy Steg ingores one invite, doesn't answer questions at another. He's running. He's hiding.

He's an idiot that dumped more than a hundgred grand of his own money into this insane idea.
Anonymous said…
oh yeah, anon 11:19. Let's hold it in Gregory as opposed to a city where the media (and people) are.

Sounds like a media ploy. Where's the next series or meetings going to start? Akaska?

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