If the Argus Leader made the rules

South Dakota Politics has an article on how the 2 Democratic Candidates are not advocating for the rule of law, but rather the rule of Argus Leader.

So the Argus has to accept their news through press release. Big deal. There are a lot of other news outlets in Sioux Falls. The ever expansive KELOland for one. There's also the associated press for another, of which the Argus subscribes to.

Somehow, I think they'll manage to continue to get a newspaper out.


Anonymous said…
The Argus is so arrogant! If it wants to be spoken to, then it needs to be fair in its reporting. If I were being sued by the Argus, why in the world should I speak to them. Let them talk to other reporters and get their info. That's how many small town papers get their news I'll bet. As taught on the playground, if you want to be treated well, treat others well.

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