What a weekend. Getting better thanks to Preferred Transmissions in Miller

You know it's not a good sign when you start your weekend with your car breaking down an hour from home. Just because one of my front wheel bearings went bad and the other was on it's way.

I have to give major props to Preferred Transmissions in Miller - they pulled it in, stayed a little late and had me back on the road without too much lost time. One of the gentlemen was going to drive to Milbank, and he stayed an hour late to help me get back on the road. You rarely find a commitment to service like that.

If you ever break down in Miller, you'd do well to limp your car to their shop on the east edge of town.


Anonymous said…
We were on our way to a funeral and had a serious tire problem. We wound up at John's Tire Service in Kimball. He dropped everything and got us back on the road and we made it on time.
Same great assistance you received at Quality Transmissions.
Sometimes, these out of the way places can be the best. They sure are a relief to run across.

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