Looby and Unruh share the love

In today's Rapid City Journal, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Kate Looby and Sexual Abstinence Clearinghouse/Alpha House founder Leslie Unruh both talk about the mutual respect they share for each other:
"She is equally as adamant on her position as I am on my side. And so, I have to respect that. I don't agree with her position, so I don't respect the position that she takes on this issue, but I respect her as a strong woman," Looby said.

"I don't have any bad feelings towards her. I, at one time, had some of the same thoughts, until I lived it," Unruh said. "I'm hopeful that someday, she'll regret this and she'll want to do something to really help women."

I also noticed in the article how it talks abut them both having more than the average number of kids (4 and 5 respectively). Which leads me to believe that with 6, I have clearly entered the category of circus oddity.

(And commenters, behave)


Anonymous said…
Did I just read that Looby called Planned Parenthood (her employer) "extremists with a radical approach to the issue".
Is she starting to distance herself from them?
She also said that she "had" (past tense) an interesting three-year career with them. Is she leaving Planned Parenthood? It sounds like it.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure what she meant by that quote. Is the 'THEIR' refeferring to Planned Parenthood or to Unruh and her allies? Also, the 'HAD' fits the sentence and doesn't neccessarily mean it's over and she's leaving.
Anonymous said…
I don't think it is appropriate for Kate to bring her kids into this especially when she implies that they are part of the cause of her current state of mind.
Thanks Mom, you'er the best. Sorry we bothered you.
Anonymous said…
"Some pigs are more equal than others".
Animal Farm.

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