A challenge and a response
The why I do the things I do

Under one of the posts of a day or so ago, that ever persistent "Anonymous" decided to pick up a stick and poke at me:

So PP, you are supporting Lance and Elli and Brock...we get it. The fact that this blog and your slants often look like advertising if I thought any of the aforementioned were bright enough to direct it. You might be though Pat which brings up a point.Will you blog for cash? Your writing should ask someone in the non Elli, Brock, Lance camp to ask the question.Come on, Mr. Gannon (only straight, red headed w/kids).

Are you getting paid for this on some issues? By the line? Or does your friendships and animosity towards other drive your work?

Just curious.

I think I've written about my motivations a time a time or two in the past. But since then, I've added 5,000 monthly readers. So it might be a good thing to clarify and refresh everyone, including Anonymous, who looked to be writing from the Midco network at 24.111.176.# why I do that voodoo that I do..... (One of these days, I might have to pay for my stats so I can get all 4 IP numbers.)

As far as my blogging goes, if anyone I knew would pay for blogging (cheap bastards) I would soak them like a sponge.

(And If anyone wants to buy an ad, they're welcome to e-mail me at red_touch@yahoo.com)

As far as the topics I write about, it's at the top of the page. "South Dakota Politics, Campaigns, Personalities, Elections, Political Advertising, and a bunch of rambling."

I talk about elections, campaign tips, insight and thoughts I've gained from having been involved since 1988. I discuss ads, newspaper articles, campaign memorabilia, South Dakota political history, etc. and so on. And as part of it, to keep it topical and entertaining, I try to talk about current political goings on.

So, of course I talk about Brock's race and Elli's race. And recently, I mentioned the Russell/Fuller race - that's because they're in primary elections, and particiularly competitive ones. I have many friends in politics. Some get written about, some don't. It depends if they're involved in something currently topical. Those races are ones that people are talking about.

And let's face it. This is a weblog. There's no illusion that any weblog in South Dakota gives fair and balanced coverage. We bloggers talk about the things that interest.... well, those things that interest us. Some people find it entertaining and a momentary diversion, some don't. If anyone doesn't care for it, it's their own decision to read it.

For those that do read, I hope that on occasion you might pump your fist in agreement, laugh, shake your head in irritation, pen an angry comment telling why I'm wrong, or take some action which indicates that you read what I had to say, and it made you think.

I'm not saying you have to agree. But if it affected you at all, you took a moment to consider my point of view, as skewed as it may or may not be; you ultimately formed a thought. Isn't that why you should read things?

(And my apologies to "~happy trails" who is going to call me on my cell phone and tell me that this post bored him.)


Anonymous said…
PP, It's a measure of your success and effectiveness with your blog that irritates the Moveon.org types. To accuse that you "blog for money" any more than mt.blogmore, S.D.watch or any other S.D. blog is patently ridiculous.

Although, Mt blogmore is a corporate effort with a bottom line and the people running it are paid a salary.
Anonymous said…
who are all these paid bloggers? I really, really want that gig.
Anonymous said…

You're a damn good man and you do an outstanding job. I am proud to call you my friend. In fact, you have the best blog in South Dakota, hands down. I appreciate your hard work, dedication, and everything you do. Keep fighting the good fight!
Anonymous said…
PP, Maybe you should help Chad out by posting on the 2004 paid blog issue and the use of it, both within SD and the Daschle-Thune race and also nationally. The GOP was way ahead on this tactic. It drove media and others to push issues and otherwise find the stuff that might slip through cracks.

If I give you $50 though, will you post something negative on Kari Weems for me?

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