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I just rolled back into town, and wanted to crank a post out before I worked on a project and went to bed. So, I'm going to rely on others for content.

In this instance, I caught several of the ads that are running lately in the Rapid City Journal. A couple are good, basic ads. A couple are so, so. And yet a couple others leave me scratching my head.

In this ad, Lance Russell, who is running for 7th Circuit Judge in the Primary is taking on one of his opponents, Pete Fuller, over comments that he made about being endorsed by the Judicial Qualifications Commission. As opposed to being a name id ad, it's issue oriented. It doesn't get too wordy, although I'd avoid any more text. And most importantly, it lists the name and office.

Fuller is advertising quite a bit as well, and this ad appeared this weekend (Avoiding the one that Lance is contesting).

It's not bad, although I would have made office more prominent. I did catch that one-time U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Schmidt is one of Pete's Treasurers. I wonder what's up with that.

Another ad in the newspapers out in Rapid City is for J.P. Duniphan who is in a Primary for her seat:

Now, as a disclaimer, I personally don't agree with J.P.'s participation with the Mainstream Moderates. But that being said, this ad is ok. I'd even call it good for it's purpose. No, it isn't pretty. Yes, the picture is questionable, but it gets the name and office out there, and avoids the trap of being too wordy. If I were to bullet point as she has, I might have added one more (two seems to be too few), but again, it's not an unforgiveable sin. This ad will do o.k. for her.

One word. Bleaugh!

Now, I'm not down on the design. It's a very attractive design, but I find it a really presumptuous series of ads. First, it's assuming everyone in town knows who he is. And sorry, but that's never true. Next, it assumes that everyone knows what he's running for. Again, that's not going to be true.

To me, it's a whole lot of money spent on advertising that's not accomplishing anything. Seeing a mysterious series of ads featuring an older bearded man does not make me want to find out more about him.

Finally, STAN's opponent Elli Schwiesow also has her ad appearing in the Rapid City Journal this weekend:

Name, Office, Brief/Bulleted points, and a place where people can go if they want more information. Not too hot and Not too cold, but just right. Sure, it could be a lot fancier, but just like JP Duniphan's ad, it gets the point across.

And isn't that the whole purpose for running an ad in the first place?


Thats the third strike for Fuller;

1) Appointd by Janklow.
2) Represented the Nude Bars aginst Rapid City.
3) Now he ran a mis-leading campaign ad.

make that 4 strikes, he tried to eliminate elections for judges.

mjb said…
Schmidt's backing fuller? Guess he's going to lose a bunch of West River conservative support next time he runs for national GOP committeeman.
Nicholas Nemec said…
Fuller needs a better photo. What's he wearing? It looks like a big, foofie, polka dot, bow tie. Burn it and never be seen with it again.
Anonymous said…
No one ever accused Schmidt of being that smart politically. He has lost three political contests I'm aware of at all different levels of government. Now, he is the treasurer for a liberal democrat when his party position requires that he help the younger people in his own party. This democrat was taken off every drug case in Rapid City for quite a spell by the Attorney General of South Dakota because of his questionable decisions not to allow juries to hear drug evidence.
Ron's actions are not smart or helpful to his own party. Unfortunately, it is time for a new National Committeeman. Someone who has some political savy and won't help liberal democrats to be judges. Which side is he on in the culture war? Isn't the Courts where the National Republican Party has been trying to place good people on the courts for years. Experienced liberal judges are the problem with this country!
Anonymous said…
I dare Lance to find five practicing lawyers in Rapid City who will support him...publicly or privately. The guy would be an awful judge.
Joel Arends said…
A circuit judge is not supposed to please the attorneys practicing before him. Lord knows Lance doesn't please every attorney out there. A circuit judge is suppposed to mete out justice and he's supposed to serve as an objective referee between contesting parties.

Lance is a man of outstanding character and represents the values of the people who live out there. That's all that we can ask of our judges. Lance is also a stand up guy who is willing to stand for what he beleives in.

When the State Bar Association wanted to take power away from the citizenry to democratically elect our judges, he stood up to them and ultimately the people voted down a bad idea pushed by the legal elite. Maybe some lawyers don't like him because he chose to take power away from them and keep power in the hands of the people.

Lance is an outstanding man of character and integrity who will make an outstanding judge. This soon-to-be attorney is sending a contribution to Lance in the mail today.

Anonymous said…
Is there ANYTHING Adelstein could possibly ever do that you *would* like?
PP said…
heh. That's the most loaded question of the day.

Is there ANYTHING Adelstein could possibly ever do that I *would* like?

Decide to become a conservative?

Stop abusing loopholes in the financial contribution laws?

.. I'll stop here because I could go on for hours.
Anonymous said…
Hahaha. That's a laugh. A Republican crying fowl when someone abuses campaign finance loopholes.

Ask Tom Delay.
Anonymous said…
Stan doesn't even have his last name in the fine print. "Stan for Senate" is all you can get from the ad, and that's only if you look close.
Anonymous said…
Stan ran this, Stan ran that, blah, blah, blah, bet he doesnt take credit for the journey museum in any of those ad's
Mr. Positive said…
Don't you mean "crying foul"? Stan has exhibited no leadership in the Legislature. Who would follow him? Also, that picture of JP is about 15 years old. She's much less attractive now.
Anonymous said…
Well yes, because obviously the important thing about a female legislator is that she meets your standard of "attractive."
Anonymous said…
Patty P -- You have allowed your pro-Elli bias to slant your political judgment. Her ads are not very good. Her picture is too prominent. The office she is seeking is too small. It is too wordy. It is also what she is using for 4 x 8s. Her stuff is golden compared to Stan's though. You look at his yard signs quickly enough and all you see is out STAN. Out STAN. It couldn't be better if Elli had paid for it herself. With all of his trip-ups, you would thing that Jody might be throwing the race so Stan will fully fund Katus and Jody can get another big payday.
Anonymous said…
Your clients must wish you were half as talented as you think you are. Just think how successful you could be.
Anonymous said…
I did not find the Judge Fuller ad misleading. It did not say that he is endorsed for this election by the Commission. I guess would be clear if you knew anything about the judicial selection process when a judge is appointed by the governor to fill a vacant position (apparently Russell is not). Before the Gov gets to select anyone they go through a rigorous selection process and Judge Fuller passed their highest standards. As did every Judge that was APPOINTED; we can not say the same for those elected.

I think it was Russell’s attempt to mislead the public on the truth; unfortunately it appears he was successful.
PP said…
Anon 3:58, I don't know that I agree with you on a couple of points.

Picture too big? No way. I think people like to see who they are voting for if it's a good picture, and Elli's is certainly decent enough. It's why I didn't like JP's - her's was too small and up in the corner.

Yes, I'd agree the office could be bigger, but I don't think it's wordy at all.

If I were designing it, would I have done it differently? Absolutely (I hate black backgrounds). But it's not my race, and it may be Elli's personal preference.

But as I said, just like JP Duniphan's ad, it gets the point across.

And anon 4:01, just so you know, most think I'm twice as talented as I'll admit to, but I strive for humility.

SO nyeah.
PP said…
Anon 5:12, do you have any idea what you're talking about? Because I do.

I wish I had a copy of the ad (if anyone does, please send it to red_touch@yahoo.com) because as I was told, it directly implied he was endorsed by the Judicial qualifications commission.

And they don't endorse anyone. When a judgeship is vscant, they obtain a list of candidates, and have investigations conducted as part of their vetting process. (My dad did those investigations for several years).

from the vetted list, they send their top three to the Governor, who can choose one, or go back and ask for another list.

For all we know, he could have been on the 2nd or third list - because we have no idea.

Yes, he was submitted as one of three choices to the Governor. But anything beyond that is implying too much.
Anonymous said…
So PP, you are supporting Lance and Elli and Brock...we get it. The fact that this blog and your slants often look like advertising if I thought any of the aforementioned were bright enough to direct it. You might be though Pat which brings up a point.

Will you blog for cash? Your writing should ask someone in the non Elli, Brock, Lance camp to ask the question.

Come on, Mr. Gannon (only straight, red headed w/kids). Are you getting paid for this on some issues? By the line? Or does your friendships and animosity towards other drive your work?

Just curious.
Anonymous said…
Do Stan's signs really say "Out Stan"?
that's bad.

Elli's signs are too busy.
Anonymous said…
To PP -

You wrote
"Anon 5:12, do you have any idea what you're talking about? Because I do.

I wish I had a copy of the ad...because as I was told..."

I guess the difference between you and I is I read the ad and made my own conclusion. You were told what to think before you even had seen the ad...

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