Stephanie expresses her frustrations at the Democratic Convention

In an associated press article this morning in the Rapid City Journal, Congresswoman Herseth expresses her frustrations at being D:
Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth told delegates at the party's state convention Saturday that Republican officeholders have run roughshod for too long in Washington and Pierre, predicting a public backlash at the polls in November. Herseth, who is seeking re-election to a second full term and faces Republican Bruce Whalen of Pine Ridge in the general election, said House GOP leaders have stifled debate on Democratic ideas while moving the country backward on money matters and many other issues.

It is frustrating to be a Democrat in the Republican-controlled Congress, she said.

"Not a week goes by where I don't wonder what it would be like to be in the majority party," Herseth told Democratic delegates at a picnic luncheon.


"It's important that we look a little bit at some of those who've given it their best shot and, unfortunately because they had a "D" behind their names, weren't given a chance to serve," she said.
Read it all here as you feel sorry for her.

I cannot help but feel a sense of irony when she says that "Republican officeholders have run roughshod for too long in Washington and Pierre" in an election where they failed to field candidates for half of the constitutional offices. In fact, in an observation noted to me yesterday, South Dakota Democrats have to be coming off of this convention feeling pretty bad. Because with they've now been consigned to third party status after the Libertarians fielded more constitutional office candidates than they did.

Isn't it just like a Democrat to blame everyone but themselves for their woes?


Anonymous said…
Speaking of blaming about an insider (as you apparently are) report on what the real rumors are about Bob Sahr? Are there really any rumors? And why haven't the media reported whatever they are?
Anonymous said…
Herseth is really Republican.

She just hasn't realized it yet.
Anonymous said…
Anytime you refuse to blame yourself for your failures you are a victim.
You are safe as a victim. Victims as Democrats need help by definition. You can blame others and not look inward for the true causes of your problems. Democrats do this because it it is the easy thing to do.
You have to spend time in the real world to understand how things really work rather than sitting as a victim and looking at the world as how you would like it to be and blaming others.
Anonymous said…
Herseth is NOT really Republican. She is as much a Democrat as Tom Daschle. She votes conservatively to protect her seat. Any talk that she is really a Republican is just a scheme by her people to reassure Republicans that it is OK to vote for her.

As for Stephanie's quote, PP has it dead on: How can you complain about Democratic candidates being passed over, and then fail to nominate candidates at all for three statewide offices? It's farcical.
Anonymous said…
Stephanie is right. The Republicans just don't get it. Just read Kranz's Sunday column for the latest example:

to celebrate the 50 year aniversary of Eisenhower's signing of the interstate highway bill, state transportation officials are avoiding the interstate and hopping in a plane for festivities in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

Leave it to Republicans to celebrate interstates by hopping in a plane and flying. Leave it to Republicans to ignore every town on interstate 90 between Sioux Falls and Rapid City as they celebrate interstates. Leave it to Republicans to use the most expensive way to travel.
Anonymous said…
You're right Scimitar. But those Republicans, I mean "key transportation personnel", aren't spending their own money to fly from Sioux Falls to Rapid City. They're spending state tax dollars so it's no skin off their nose. Why drive between campaign events, uh I mean 50th anniversary observations, when the generous South Dakota taxpayers have a plane you can fly in for free.

Washington is run by the Red Ink Republicans who would rather run up the federal debt and let our grandkids pick up the tab than bite the bullet now and raise taxes on their rich buddies.

It looks like the Red Ink Republicans in Pierre are learning a lesson from their big brothers in Washington. Keep spending boys, it's not like we could use the money on education or some other need.
Anonymous said…
I could go into why Rs are in power vs the Ds. But I refuse to give them any clue as to why South Dakotans vote conservative vs. liberal. The reason Rich Sattgast, Vern Larson and Chris Nelson are running unopposed is simple, they run their respective offices the way South Dakotans expect them too. They do their work for all South Dakotans.

All three are good,honest,hard working guys and we the people of South Dakota are lucky to have them.
Anonymous said…

Your comment is a non-sequitur. The problems that Rep. Herseth describe in Washington in Congress at the hands of a Republican Congress have nothing to do with the state party filling or not filling some Constitutional officer seats. And delegates felt anything but "bad" upon the end of the convention in Huron. They are trule upbeat about Democrats' chances in November.

I have noticed that as the political season has heated up, your rhetoric has also heated up. What has been refreshing about your blog is that you provide accurate information FIRST about South Dakota political and campaign goings on. IMHO, you have replaced Dave Kranz as the "must read" for the state's political junkies.

Being a political polemicist doesn't fit your nature or your abilities. Leave the crazy ravings about Democrats to some of your Republican brethren.

My advice, for what it is worth: Stick to what you do best--providing timely, informative, useful political and campaign information and analysis. Your reputation for providing that type of information is high with both Democrats and Republicans. It also gives you more authority when you do speak in support of your own party and candidates.

Just some free advice from one of your Democrat friends and fans.

Best regards,

Todd Epp
PP said…
Todd - thanks for the compliment and the comments.

But you have to admit, leaving half of the ticket open at the top isn't a good image for your party to portray. And there are people in your party who would like to see more Steve Kolbeck's on the ticket, and less of Ron Volesky.

And both sides sometimes get a little more volatile during the season. (it's just our competitive nature).
Repub 1 said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Repub 1 said…
Most bloggers are at least semi-serious politicos so i know this i going to annoy some, i'm sorry but this needs to be done.

For the sake innocent viewing public we need to get Stephanie to change her hair before those commercials are done being taped!

Now, I've sent her an e-mail and I urge others to do the same. Be nice though.
Anonymous said…
Not so fast, Epp. Stephanie said "Republican officeholders have run roughshod for too long in Washington and Pierre." PP's got a valid point that a half-empty (or half-full) ticket for constitutional offices, when Republicans are supposedly running roughshod in Pierre, seems awfully weak.

What happened to all your pre-convention talk? What do you owe Madsen now?
Anonymous said…
Who's this Epp guy? He writes like my wife's divorce attorney.

Keep up the good fight PP!
Anonymous said…

I write like your wife's divorce attorney? Probably because I am an attorney, though not a divorce attorney. Thanks for the compliment.


So, what would SOS, Tres, Auditor, and SPLC have to do with "runnning roughshod"? I think most people would understand Stephanie's comments to mean the Governor's office and the legislature. I don't think Chris Nelson is running roughshod over anyone (that's my personal opinion, not the Billion campaign's); in fact, as far as answering questions from our campaign, he has been extremely accessible and helpful. Steph obviously meant the legislature and Gov. Rounds. Don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

As to not filling all the slots. I'm not going to make excuses. The candidates we do have are very, very good. Seems to me it would be a waste of time, money, and reputation to send people off to slaughter if they and the party don't have the resources to run competitve races. As we rebuild the Democratic party, I hope this doesn't happen again.

And Pat, you remain my favorite Republican. I suppose that will get you kicked out of your party. (grin)

Congratulations on your blog's growth. You are the new Kranz.

Todd Epp
PP said…
Thanks Todd. We might not always agree, but I appreciate your support.
Anonymous said…
PP, let me second Todd Epp. Your blog is the first I read when I sit down to get my politics fix. Now if you could just figure out a way to make some money off this blog all those little Ps wouldn't have to run around barefoot.

I know this is a labor of love and I appreciate it. I hope my occasional comments aren't considered the insane rantings of a troll.

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