Candidate advocates needed?

I heard an interesting complaint from a GOP county activist the other day. This person noted that they're trying to assist candidates with setting up fundraisers, but the problem is that they're having difficulty finding takers.

No, it's not that they don't support the candidates or think they can't win. It couldn't be farther from the truth. The problem is timing and coordination.... and that sometimes it's easier to find someone to host a Governor or Senator than someone lower on the ticket.

For instance, I look at my own example. It's easier for me to do something for a candidate than to lay out a bunch of cash that I don't have, so I'd love to host an event. With six kids and almost as many siblings, I'm well versed in cooking for mass quantities. Piece of cake for me, especially if I'm using my mega-grill or my double oven. But it's the other stuff that would cause me a headache.

First, it would have to be outside, as I don't really have a great room with a lot of seating aside from my normal dining table. But then I look at my yard, and realize that until I get the patio I've been planning poured (which is on my DIY project list), it would be a lot of people standing out on the grass. So if I get a tent, I have to consider how I might anchor it, and if through stakes, where in God's name are my sprinkler lines?

And then there's the issue of my bathroom with the medicine cabinet that doesn't latch unless you push on it hard, and then it only does it about every third time. And I don't want anyone to see my basement, which is in the middle of a multi-week painting project to take the walls from a Nebraska Huskers/Amityville Horror blood red color that the former owner had it in, to something normal.

So as you can see - even for activists like me - for most people to even host an event, they have to get past the normal homeowner headaches.

If I was advising, I'd say a candidate's best plan of action is to hold fewer events in an area, but to expand who is hosting. In other words, go with several people to host it. One might hold it at their home location, another might provide the food, yet another couple handling the task of compiling invitation lists and doing the mailings.

for that matter, you could also combine the events for a group of candidates, such as constitutional level candidates, or an area's legislative slate for a single event. Yes, you might have to decide whether or not to have three jars or to divvy up all donations, but it's better than not having an event, or having one with only a few people. I'd rather have a third of $2500 - $3000 than not have an effective event at all.

Just a passing thought on the home fundraiser dilemma. So, please continue enjoying your weekend.


Pat said…
It's problems like this which will oust Randy Frederick...nice guy, but in WAY over his head...the word is increasingly in Republican circles that he will be ushered out...this could happen on Democratic side too, because progressives are now happy with Judy Olson, who is almost as dim as Frederick. You don't need Phil Schrek to tell which way the wind is blowing man....

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