Dems could be happier with Herseth

Tim Gebhart (whom contributes to the No-On-E weblog, along with yours truly) over at A Progressive on the Prairie has a funny post from a Democrats point of view how Congresswoman Herseth has been with the GOP on Middle East issues up until... about yesterday. Now she's changing her mind.
Why do I so often have to chortle at things Rep. Stephanie Herseth says? Today's local daily gives another prime example.

Seems Herseth forgets she is among those who did not challenge the Bush policies. In fact, it was just eight weeks ago that she was one of only 42 Democrats voting for a Republican resolution backing the Bush Administration's Iraq policies. This is nothing new. A year earlier she supported another resolution backing the Bush Administration line on Iraq. And, in May 2004, the local daily's editorial board asked, "Knowing what we know now, would you support the Iraq war?" Herseth's response? "Yes, I still would have supported taking this action."
Read it all here. Tim hopes she's changing her mind, as opposed to being expedient. I'd just thank her for her prior support, and question why she's changing her mind now.


Anonymous said…
Frankly, Tim seems a little optimistic. You should consider this comment along side other more relevant comments if you want to make a point about consistency.

These are just from her website, 'cuz I can't figure out how to find old news clips from the paper:

November 30, 2005: "Congress and the Administration owe it to our troops to stop the partisan bickering and work together to craft a practical, successful end game in Iraq."

Yesterday: In both Iraq and in Lebanon, Congress has abdicated its oversight responsibility and has not forced President Bush to account for policies or a lack of policy, Herseth said. An accumulation of administration mistakes that Congress allowed to go unchallenged have closed off options to resolving conflicts in those places now, she said.

The result in Iraq is that an optimism that existed in the country when she visited in January after three recent elections has been allowed to slide into sectarian violence that verges on civil war, she said.

Looks pretty consistent to me.
Haggs said…
PP: "I'd just thank her for her prior support, and question why she's changing her mind now."

Why is she changing her mind? Oh, I don't know. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the war is a colossal failure? It's been a failure so long that it's even wearing down the people who have been supporting it.
Lyle said…
This bimbo wanted to get elected so she constantly said she loved the war in that it's not so good, she's turning the other way. Princess Phony should be her name. Don't forget how she has stabbed gays and progressives in the back by constantly voting for the abolition of our basic right to marry. And she's for a constitutional ban on flag burning! She's a horrible representative--Daschle should challenge her in a primary and he would win!
Anonymous said…
Please, someone explain how she has changed her position on the war. Sometimes it seems like people (liberals and conservatives) want to dislike her so much they have to create something like this out of whole cloth.

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