Sorry, light posting today.

Sorry, light posting today. I had to go to the grocery store as the family is coming to town today, and my steady diet of PBJ's won't do.

I've also been working on designing a donor database for a candidate with some voter id stuff. I've been noodling on the idea for a master type system that ties donor data into a voter file since the 2002 election, but I go back and forth in questioning the utility of such a combined file versus two separate files.

Speaking of databases, I'm working on a post on sources for targeting data. Hopefully, I can get my stuff in a group to do that one in the coming week or so. If anyone cares to point some of them out that I might not have, drop me a note, and we can collaborate.


Anonymous said…
PP-You should just post something to the effect that lions are scary and need to be killed. That will fire up your base.
Anonymous said…
Anon 2:42=Moron.

Simple math. Doesn't like what PP or his base have to say, but finds him/herself coming back for more.

PP, you're in a Rush Groove, Baby! Keep speaking the truth. Soon, you'll start receiving messages from recovering liberals who tell you how you single-handedly opened their eyes to a new, conservative way of thinking.
Anonymous said…

Did you mean "Crush Grove." Or is a "rush groove" a tribute to the everwise, always drugged funny man for the conservative base.

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