He ain't heavy, but why is he supporting the other guy?

Jack Billion held a press conference yesterday to condemn Governor Rounds' signing of HB1215. And who should show up but Billion's brother. Who made a statement in support of Governor Rounds' signing of HB 1215:
South Dakota's abortion debate took a bizarre twist Wednesday when the younger brother of gubernatorial candidate Jack Billion showed up at a news conference to oppose his sibling's position. Democrat Jack Billion called the stunt an example of how divisive the issue is and how some people have little tolerance for other views.

"He has his right. He has the right to believe the way he wants," the candidate said. "I don't know that he has the right to tell me what I have to believe, and that's the whole gist of this law."

Jack Billion, a retired Sioux Falls physician, said he called the news conference to clarify his position on South Dakota's newly passed abortion ban, which is up for a public vote in November.

Afterward, Stephen Billion, a Sioux Falls internal medicine physician, called reporters into a separate room of the Old Courthouse Museum to read a prepared statement supporting the ban and Gov. Mike Rounds.

"I support this courageous act by our S.D. Legislature and Governor Rounds, because it recognizes the scientific and moral truth about human life in the womb," Stephen Billion read.
Read all of this Associated Press Article here in the Rapid City Journal. Or, you can read a similar article on MSNBC, where this twist in the campaign made National Press yesterday


Anonymous said…
Good to see Jack is just like the rest of us. Find me a family (unless you are like Rounds where you employ all of them) where everyone agrees on everything. Billion sounds normal to me.
Anonymous said…
Jack sounds normal. I'm not so sure about his brother Steve. It's one thing to give your opinion when asked. It's another thing to contact the press and offer an opinion that contradicts your brother when he's running for office.
Anonymous said…
I didn't realize that people who have siblings running for office are expected to forfeit their first amendment right to speak their opinions freely. Maybe Jack's brother didn't get the memo.

Of course, that would only apply to the siblings of democrat candidates, right?
Anonymous said…
Attempting to undermine a sibling has nothing to do with party affiliation and everything to do with family harmony. If a reporter had asked the guy his opinion and he gave him an honest answer, I would respect him and his right to do so. But would Steve Billion have called the press in and offered his opinion if the gubernatorial candidate had been someone other than his brother? Sounds like sibling rivalry to me.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like an honest difference of opinion. Good for Steve Billion.

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