Does that mean hotel rates are going to be cheaper in Sturgis next year?

Breaking news tonight from KELO:
Biker Gang Shooting in Custer State Park
Authorities are ivnestigating a shooting in Custer State Park in the Black Hills between two rival motorcycle gangs.

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation confirms five or six members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club were gunned down Tuesday evening, possibly by members of the Hells Angels.
Read it all here. Jesus! I can't say I've ever heard of that happening at Sturgis Rally before. (Isn't it supposed to be more family oriented nowadays?)


Anonymous said…
Maybe they picked off an unsuspecting mtn. lion in the crossfire. That would be good, eh, pp.

And how many bikers are going to be killed this year in accidents? How many tourists are going to be eaten by lions?
mhs said…
Oh my God, that's awful. What if one of them had hit a mountian lion? Would GFP then mount a park-wide rescue mission looking for cubs while the humans laid there and bled?
mhs said…
Aw, poop. Anon beat me to the Mtn. Lion joke. I gotta get a faster computer . . .
Anonymous said…
You have it all wrong. It was merely their annual election of officers.

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