Argus Leader Poll: Some people should start getting nervous

It sounds as if people are getting tired of hearing that PAC's are being used as vehicles to get around campaign finance laws.


Anonymous said…
What no comments? I'm surprised! I guess you republican friends also have a guilty conscience.
Anonymous said…
As I have said before, limit the length of campaigns, limit the number of dollars to be spent on a campaign, and get rid of PAC's. Let each candidate have a short amount of time to list why it would be in everyone's best interest to nominate him/her. Limiting the length of the campaign will limit the amount of dollars needed. Get serious about campaign finance reform and maybe the little guy would have a chance again.
Anonymous said…
11:53 has it wrong. The little guy has only once chance. Get some big PAC money to shake up the establishment. Look at the PAC that is hammering Rounds right now.

Billion can't do it himself so it falls to PACS to get the truth about Rounds secrecy, high flying and special interests that built this mansion. The Republican establishment would chop the head off any "snake" they could find that attacked the Governor like this. Trust me the Governor's men are looking.

Go PAC's you are the only hope for free speech.
nonnie said…
The Governor's "mansion" is nothing but crap. If you people harping on that don't realize it, Rounds doesn't get to live in that house indefinitely. It's passed on to someone else in a few years, maybe even heaven forbid, a Democrat! If SD'ans wanted to step up and contribute to building it, as a new governor's house was evidently necessary, I say GOOD. At least it wasn't my taxpayer money paying for it. It's a house for all the future governors for many years, whatever party or philosophy. It's NOT a Republican house.

PAC's are still just a way to get around supposed campaign finance reform. Those with money will continue to use and abuse them, and we will all suffer. Get the money out of politics and we will all benefit.

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