Sometimes I see.... Road Signs

As I think I've mentioned many times, I do quite a bit of driving along Highway 14, and I love 4x8 signs. I managed to remember to bring a camera along for once, so I snapped a few pictures of them on this trip.

You can find this sign for Bryce Healy along the side of the road in Highmore:

And you can find those of his opponent Jarrod Johnson all over the place in several locations along the way:

I forget where I saw this Steve Kolbeck sign - there's a couple of them in the route between Brookings and Pierre.

Bruce Whalen's sign coverage is starting to pick up - I saw several of these signs along the route:

This sign for Tom Hansen is around the Ree Heights area and is one of several her has between Ree Heights and Huron. This is by far the best looking one, as it appears to be from a stencil. He's got a few free hand ones that are different, and I'll try to get a picture on the way back.

Here's a Billion sign which I think I snapped outside of Wessington.

I think this Hargens sign was somewhere around the Wolsey turnoff to Huron.

And what would a post be without a "What not to do." Does anyone in their right mind think that anyone can adequately read and process the information on these signs as they are going 55-65 miles per hour? It's just a big mish-mash.

Spread them out at least a reasonable distance, or they do you little good in the race for name recognition.

More to come later!


Anonymous said…
Not that I think you intentionally omitted them, but there are also a few (like 20) Rounds signs along that stretch - of course why post those - everyone's seen them.
Anonymous said…
Even at a (long long) distance I can easily make out the names of that slate of candidates --and I LIKE them all together--shows unity!

I wish you had done a close up of Koskan's sign----esp. since you did one of that other guy---kol something....
PP said…
I will have some of the rounds signs, and Koskan signs on another trip in about 2 weeks.

I'm doing about 65... or more... when I see these. Sometimes I go pas them too quickly.

I did do a Koskan one, only it didn't turn out very well. I'll get it later.

And Anon #2, I'm all for party unity. And Unity is all well and good, but the key is getting beyond the 20% of the electorate you automatically have.

And if they can't read your sign while doing 55-65, what's the purpose of it.
Anonymous said…
Saw a unique yard sign in Clear Lake the other day. "Peterson for Senate" on one side, and "Peterson for House " on the other.
Anonymous said…
PP, Did you miss the 4X8 YES on Amendment D, for Real Property Tax Relief on Hwy.#14, 3 miles west of Lake Preston. Good looking sign!
Anonymous said…
Democrats in SF have their signs out, almost no Republicans do. Sandy Jerstad has huge signs all over 41st street, and a couple big ones on Minnesota Ave. Yard signs everywhere. Suzy Blake has signs all over Central Sioux Falls. I've seen some Heidepriem signs, a few Billion signs, and a few Himmel-Roberts signs (county commission candidate).

I assume the Republican signs will be coming along shortly.

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