What's hot at the SDWC on September 5th?

I'm rushing, trying to hammer out a quick post over the noon hour, and the blogger software isn't complying very well. I think I face this dilemma most noons, and it's a killer. And that's with two drugs, not three.

Bad jokes aside, what's happening since this weekend?

Bob Mercer is penning his weekly column which runs in many of the daily papers telling legislators, in effect, that if they want to find some money, they might consider dismantling the PUC. I'll try to get the article and comment on it more in depth tonight.

As State Senator Ed Olson leaves the helm of the MAINstream coalition, he's spending some time trying to make amends to other Republican legislators for comments he made in last week's Aberdeen American News which appeared here. I believe it's the comment attributed to him noting:
Now, Olson said, middle-of-the-road politicians need to do the same with their supporters. If that doesn't happen, he said, "extremists" will continue to control the party.
As was put by a member of leadership to one of the other few founding Senators who remain "which extremist leaders controlling the party is he referring to?" Oops. That one isn't going to bode well when committee assignments are made. So, mea culpas were issued by Ed in a letter to other Republican Legislators stating in part:
The article quoted me as saying that "extremists" brought many different bills to the last legislative session. I deeply regret this and apologize for having it attributed to me. Although I certainly have had "names" thrown in my direction. it is totally inappropriate for me to respond in kind.
And it continues with Ed noting how it's important for legislators to work together. Hopefully this and the removal of Stan Adelstein who called for the ouster of his fellow caucus members during a pro-choice rally will start to rebuild the GOP Senate caucus.

And I'm starting the SDWC's advertising push in a few venues after the SD Newspaper association rejected my ad several weeks back in their statewide classifieds. Why was I denied? Because the SDNA called my ad political advertising.

But.. but.. It's a political website - I'm not running for anything.. Unfortunately, logic was lost on them.


PP said…
Anon 2:20 -

Off topic, so you aren't finding it here anymore. I'm sure at some point I'll do a post on the Russell/Fuller race. At that time it would be more appropriate to exhibit your boner for Lance.
Anonymous said…
They didn't turn down your ad because they considered it political advertising. They turned it down because you are competing against their member newspapers for advertising. The other excuse just sounded better.
Anonymous said…
I don't have a boner for lance. I just want a spade called a spade. Don't cast your opponent as something he's not in a nonpartisan race using partisan tactics and your little left over children of the corn from the thune race. Boner? Nice, actually made me laugh, thanks PP.
Anonymous said…
Don't insult PP's friend
or he'll delete your comment
under the guise of it being "off-topic"

If he started deleting everything that was off-topic
he'd be pretty busy

But he'll do it for his friend
without hesitation

And he wonders...
why we call him a hack
PP said…
Anon's 8:0 and 10:14, it's not bcause you're slamming a friend of mine. I get the crap beat out of me many more times than they do.

I will delete off-topic stuff in order to retain a semblance of order. (Remember, I control the horizontal, I control the vertical.)

Unless you'd rather I require registration or pre-approval for comments?
Anonymous said…
The LIBERALS are all upset, why is that? Oh they are almost completely out of office in SD. Move to California and cry a river.
Anonymous said…
anon 11:53
You are right!
Liberals have no voice unless they look to the republican leadership. Rounds has taken a stand against global warming at the western governors confrence in California. A Dem. hiding behind a R- Label! Wow! Makes a Republican proud!
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:14

Lighten up. I don't think calling PP a "hack" is fair. He generally does not write any of the material, just rehashes what he has spent his morning dilligently clipping from newspapers.

Lap dog is a much better description. :-)
Anonymous said…
What's up w/Mercer's "Boner" w/the PUC? That's a story. Is it because of what happened in that office to his friend, B. Sahr? Is it because he knows Gary should just go away? Is it because his phone service sucks?
Anonymous said…
Could you post where to read the Mercer PUC column...I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
About Lance, sort of...The AP has an article in today's Rapid City Journal that includes a ridiculous ruling by Fuller. One more reason to vote for Lance.
Anonymous said…
A ruling that protects a citizen against the aggressive nature of government in it's zeal to confiscate money that may exist and may have been obtained illegally? You want our government to have that power prior to conviction, prior to charges? You are trying to shed a dark light on Judge Fuller for making a ruling that was upheld by a majority of the Supreme Court? Are you and the Looney Lancers that desparate for attention that you will grasp at anything? This shows that Lance and his supporters are too immature to deserve our votes. Maybe in 8 years.
Anonymous said…
That Fuller ruling/as upheld would be a good one to post on, PP. It's a real good starting spot for a civil Gideon, which has long been on the liberal agenda and is moving up in priority. Would be a fun one to debate...

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