No on 6 commentary in the Denver Post

One observant reader pointed out that members of the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families has some commentary in yesterday's Denver post. From the article:
Anti-choice forces go too far in S.D.
By Jan Nicolay, Maria Bell and Sarah Stoesz

South Dakota - known to millions of Americans as the home of the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore and the world's largest biker rally - could soon acquire a new reputation as the laboratory where right-wing conservatives experiment with one of their pre-eminent goals: overturning Roe vs. Wade.

In November, the state's voters will decide whether to enact or reject the most restrictive abortion law in the country. For many, this is a gut-check moment. Anti-choice forces have gone too far.

This extreme law has no exception for victims of rape or incest and does not provide an exception for the health of a woman. A pregnant woman will be left with no options to treat terminal illnesses like breast or ovarian cancer because pregnant women cannot take many medications or radiation.


In an act of blatant cruelty, South Dakota lawmakers did not leave any exceptions for victims of rape or incest. Women would be forced to carry a resulting pregnancy to term under this law.

For years, ideologically conservative interest groups from out of state have used the South Dakota legislature to push their national social agenda. Divisive issues like abortion, restricting contraception use and abstinence-only sex education dominate the state legislature, and more pressing issues like education, health care and job creation are pushed aside.

Read it all here at as the Campaign for Healthy Families focuses in on the rape/incest exception debate in the bill.

You're going to see more laser-like focus on the rape/incest exceptions of the bill as time goes on. Both sides know that if South Dakotans believe there are exceptions for rape and incest, the measure will likely pass. If they believe otherwise, and think there are no exceptions, then the measure faces a much tougher battle.


Anonymous said…
There are NO exceptions for R&I. The morning after pill that will be available over the counter could subject the taker of the product to criminal liability. Especially in Fall River County if Lance Russell loses his race for judge.
Anonymous said…
The pro-HB1215 people would be better served if they said there were "options" instead of "exceptions." The words rape and incest are nowhere in the bill, therefore there are no explicit exceptions. But there is a option than can be made in those instances.
Anonymous said…
Like if she's a religous virgin?
Anonymous said…
That won't ever get old.
Anonymous said…
You gasbags...there are plenty of exceptions for rape and incest in the bill.

Get pregnant, take the pill, its over and shut up.

If the local pharmacists won't give it you get in the car and drive 25 minutes down the road.

Want an abortion go over state lines. Too easy.

Quit yur bellyachin'
Anonymous said…
don't forget "sodomized and brutally raped" as opposed to the regular sort
Anonymous said…
Right, anon 4:26, who can forget the "go over state lines" exception contained in HB1215.
Anonymous said…
It is more than ironic that those who voted in favor of 1215 and went to great lenghts to oppose "Plan B", voted to insure that in small towns the Plan B medication would not be available and will undoubtably vote to insure that it is totally outlawed next year are now claiming that it ia an exception to 1215. They are truly amoung the most shameless and dishonest people in the world.
jason folkerts said…
Appreciate your blog - keeps me informed and up to date on stuff that makes for good fodder on my Dakota cartoon blog, keep up the well informed work!
jason folkerts said…
Oh yeah, one more thing by the way, even all this bantering is quite fun to read. Might be nice tho' if some of these anonymous folks would have the courage to put their names behind their comments.
Anonymous said…
There is no exception in the bill, none. Plan B can only be used within 72 hours (before pregnancy can be determined). Plan B is also currently available to anyone without having to prove rape or incest making no special exception for crime victims vs. others. The bill does not allow abortion for anyone for any reason, unless your near death.
Anonymous said…

Get pregnant, take the pill, its over and shut up.

What compassion for survivors of sexual assault. Let's hope rape or incest never affects you or anyone you care about.

Furthermore, you don't even understand the "exception" in 1215. If you are pregnant, you're stuck. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

If pregnancy cannot be detected yet, you can take Plan B, assuming you can find it within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Some exception.
Anonymous said…
What about the compassion for the unborn child?

There is nothing in 1215 that prevents a woman from taking Plan B, if there is please show me. As such it is an exception.

There is nothing in the bill that stops a caring and compassionate person from driving to the next town over to acquire the pill should the backwards-redneck -know-nothing-holler town not sell the pill. As such it is an exception.

There is nothing in the bill that stops the woman, or a girl with parents, from going across state lines to "terminate the pregnancy." As such it is an exception.

All of these exceptions are allowable under South Dakota law should HB 1215 come into effecuation. There are no laws on the books or proposed in 1215 that would prevent one from seeking out the above exceptions.

I'm reading the bill right now and the other abortion statutes and I don't see anywhere were South Dakota law prevents what I have written from taking place.

Politically speaking and gauging from the constant mantra that "there are no exceptions" it looks like those of who love life have struck a chord. A politically resonant chord.
Anonymous said…

So abortion is fine as long as it's in North Dakota? Exporting the problem to another town or another state by outlawing abortion and limiting access to Plan B doesn't really fix anything.
Anonymous said…
First, hopefully this will get voted down in November. If not,it will be challenged in ct. If so, during the challenge the SD Taliban (see, Brock and new senator Isaac-we sure are going to miss you this year Lee) will I'm sure make it illegal to transport a minor accross state lines to get an abortion, hell, they might make it illegal for an adult to do that as well...Actually, if you conceive in SD (or passed through on vacation or by plane?) that zygot/fetus is probably going to be covered somehow by our statutes.
Anonymous said…
Harping on the exceptions in 1215 really brings the cook fringe out of the woodwork.

This bill has really outed alot bad Republicans and even worse libs. Even if the bill goes down we know where to start cleaning house.
nonnie said…
The "Healthy Families" line really gets to me. Healthy for everyone but the unborn baby! But it sounds good, doesn't it?

And I don't think anyone said we are exporting abortions to neighboring states. We are simply standing up and saying abortion for the sake of convenience is wrong and that the unborn baby is a person living his/her first nine months of life in the womb instead of outside the womb.

However, if a person still wants to seek a legal abortion, there are options if 6 passes, as anonymous 9:26 stated. The opposition stating there would be none is simply muddying the waters and they know it.
Anonymous said…
You idiots are still screaming about the no exception??

Look at UNhealthy family literature!!

Even there own literature now says the bill leaves women with "no options". So they have already ditched that effort of screaming no exceptions.

Plus, the "no options" is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. That is like saying the "only" option for women is abortion.

In other words, they are slapping SD doctors in the face, because they are saying our current doctors provide no options.

Get over it you pro-aborts!
There are exceptions and South Dakotans are smart enough to figure it out.

Your screaming of "no exceptions" is beginning to fall on deaf ears now that the truth is out.

Vote YES For LIFE On Referred Law 6!
Anonymous said…
Anon 1:50, lay off the meth and go to bed.
Anonymous said…
anon 1:50 am
You go girl!!!
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:39, what do you mean when you refer to the SD Taliban?
nonnie said…
When all else fails and they are losing an argument, the lefties bring in the Taliban reference. People are getting tired of it. Maybe they need to try a new tactic.

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