Whalen to open Sioux Falls Campaign Office

From my e-mail box tonight:
Bruce Whalen to cut ribbon at Sioux Falls Campaign Headquarters!

Bruce Whalen, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, will officially open the Sioux Falls Headquarters with a ribbon cutting at noon on Wednesday the 6th of September. The Sioux Falls Campaign Headquarters is located on the second floor of the Southway Center: 2127 S. Minnesota Ave. The Ribbon cutting will be held at 12:10 with light refreshments served afterwards.

Mr. Whalen will be available for live interviews during the ribbon cutting and immediately after the ceremony. Please contact Lee Breard 605-430-7629.


Anonymous said…
Wait, I'm pro choice and I've been making money selling aborted fetus parts. I probably won't contribute.

This guy is just wasting everyone's time and money. Thanks Randy F. I'm voting for one Dem this year and guess who it is...not J. Billion.
Anonymous said…
Hope he signed a short lease.
Anonymous said…
Who's Bruce Whalen?
Anonymous said…
I like how he put his office on the 'second floor' of the building...making it very accessible for everyone. Nice move team!
Anonymous said…
Hey Hillary Jr, why won't you debate Bruce? What are you hiding? It can't be abortion issues, it can't be your old boyfriend Max?

What is it you are hiding?
Anonymous said…
I thought Herseth and Bruce have three debates scheduled. Why does Bruce or Sibby keep posting the same comment on this website?
Anonymous said…
Where is Bruce's third child? Does he/she work for Planned Parenthood? Why is the kid not campaigning or in any picture w/Bruce, the uber family values candidate.

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