New Blog - Jason Folkerts Political Cartoons

If you haven't noticed some of the recent political cartoon entries on the Argus Leader, cartoonist Jason Folkerts has had several cartoons that have made the paper. And he has a website that you can see here at You'll also notice that you'll find his site added to the RSS feeds.

Welcome Jason, and readers, please take the time to visiti his site and comment.


jason folkerts said…
Thanks for giving me a mention.
Yeah, it's about time for SD to get into the editorial/political cartoon game - not sure the politicians in our fair state are ready to be punned in artistic fashion, we'll see. Hope to be running more on a regular basis in the Argus and will be doing one every day, or every other day on my blog. Hope your faithful readers will check in on a regular basis as well. Thanks again for the mention!

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