CCK - 3 candidates for SDDP chair. And Judy isn't among them.

Chad over at CCK notes that he's aware of three candidates for SDDP Chair. And I don't note that Judy Olson-Duhamel is among them:

I know of three announced candidates:

Glenn Rice
Deb Knecht
Bill Walsh

Read it all here.

Is this true? I'm kind of surprised that she's leaving at a time when the Dems have finally made a few gains. Because previously she's presided over loss after loss.

I'd think she'd be pumping her arm telling her fellow dems "Yeah - that's how we do it."

Instead, it seems that she could be quietly going into the sunset.


Anonymous said…
Judy Duhamel announced she would seek one additional four year term when she ran for re-election in 2002.
Anonymous said…
I'd have to go with Bill Walsh. I loved him when he was with the 49'ers. George Seifert rode Walsh's coattails to the Super Bowl.
Anonymous said…
Steve Hildebrand for Chair!
Anonymous said…
Wow - the former NBA star AND the great 49ers coach. The Dems are really going for the big time.
Anonymous said…
Deb Knecht is an idiot who thinks she is God's gifts to Democrats, politics, and really all things earthly. So lets hope they pick someone else.
Anonymous said…
Chad Schuldt for Chairman, comrade.
Anonymous said…
Let's be honest. They are all better than Randy.
Anonymous said…
This has been common knowledge for years. You really need to get out of that Republican big tent once in awhile to see what is going on in the rest of the world.
Now if you could learn some of the inside stories on this election I would be impressed.

Oh by the way the sky is blue and the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.
PP said…
After this election, I was starting to wonder about that.
Anonymous said…
Well, I just wanted to make sure you were still clear on that.
Anonymous said…
Just a question - is Glenn Rice an air traffic controller from Sioux Falls?
Anonymous said…
anon 10:28

He is also the current secretary of the SDDP.

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