Congress Daily on the upcoming races.

Congress Daily (Subscription required) had a few comments on the state of South Dakota's Federal Races in their daily update yesterday:
Sen. Tim Johnson's likely bid for a third term could become a top-tier Senate race or a footnote of the 2008 election cycle. The difference depends on whether Republicans can recruit GOP Gov. Mike Rounds to run against Johnson, who won his second term in 2002 by just 524 votes. Rounds won re-election to a second term in 2006 with 62 percent, and afterward said he was not interested in another office. "I have always had a strong desire to stay right here in South Dakota ," Rounds told the Associated Press. "Truly, I'm not trying to be coy about it. I can't think of another job that I'd rather have than working as governor of South Dakota ." Nonetheless, Rounds is likely to become a top GOP recruiting target for 2008 because of South Dakota 's Republican leanings and its inexpensive media markets. Those attributes and the political skills of then-Rep. John Thune drove Republicans to aggressively back Thune in his unsuccessful bid against Johnson in 2002. Thune's near-miss that year led to his ouster of former Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle in 2004. If Rounds opts against a Senate run, Republicans might turn to former Lt. Gov. Steve Kirby, who placed a distant third in the 2002 GOP gubernatorial primary, or beef producer Jarrod Johnson, who won election in 2006 as the state's school and public lands commissioner. Although there has been some media speculation that Tim Johnson would run for governor in 2010, he is expected to run for re-election in 2008. A spokeswoman said Johnson reflects his state and he likes to spend time at home. "People know that. They see him for what he is," the spokeswoman said. "He's not flashy, he's substance. He's a workhorse not a show horse."
-- by Mark Wegner


Anonymous said…
Rounds has a history of being spineless when being pressured (abortion ban, execution flip-flops, etc.). Bush, Cheney and Rounds' daddy will put the squeeze on Mike and he'll wiggle and waffle and cave in.

Thing is, he won't get the cake walk he got until now from the dems. The 2010 initiaitve hoax will be put through the shredder by people with a lot more money than Billion or Abbot, and there ain't nobody going to forget the phony excuses used to delay two executions until after the re-election campaign.

Rounds' Willie Hortons are the two clowns on death row who owe their continued existance to Rounds.
Skillipedia said…
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Anonymous said…
Governor Rounds has lived in Pierre since he was 3 years old. I question whether he would have ran for gov in the first place if Pierre wasn't the capital. There's no way he is ever going to live in DC. He won't run.

Besides, R's won't be able to make much of a case about how bad a job Johnson has done, which is usually needed for the removal of an incumbent in this change-resistant state.

PS existence
Anonymous said…
Most of the votes Jarrod Dodge Johnson would get would be cast by people mistakenly thinking he was the incumbent Johnson.
Anonymous said…
I am not saying this to be critical of Rounds at all, but I do think the prior poster has a point - he loves his job and he loves Pierre, and I doubt he will abandon either.
Anonymous said…
I think Tim is nervous. He knows he can't cheat after dark this time. They won't be able to change ballots after dark because Rs will be watching this time. Tim is just about worthless as a Senator. He has done nothing in DC. No one outside of SD even knows his name. But our voters will think Tim has done nothing wrong (or good for out State)so it will be tough to get him out. He ran around in Tommy's shadow and now he follows Thune.

Rounds does not have the male equipment to run against him. By the way anon 9:48, the 2010 initiative is the one great thing Rounds has done, at least give
Rounds credit for it. It takes guts to put things in writing that you are going to do, and I think South Dakotans will accomplish everything before 2010.
Anonymous said…
Johnson is a very popular SD senator and would be very difficult to beat. He has maintained a high degree of popularity since he has been in office. He has a really wonderful and normal family. He represents the best of South Dakota, and I think will continue to do this until he retires. Rounds should continue out his tenure as Governor and check off his 2010 initiative goals. That would leave a fair playing field for the other 2010 candidates.
VJ said…
5:27 PM said, "Rounds does not have the male equipment to run against him."

Well I'm sure glad you personally checked him out for us!

Wow! Governor Rounds just won in a landslide and your questioning if he has what it takes?

Seems like a lot of people in South Dakota like Governor Rounds. I believe the people will support him in whatever he decides to do.
Anonymous said…
But they just elected him to be Governor. Are all those same people going to vote for him two years later for a completely different position?
Anonymous said…
Why do you call Jarrod Johnson "Dodge"? Is that really his midle name?
oldguy said…
Governor Rounds said he isn't running so why do you people keep thinking he will? He says being Governor is best job a person could ask for why not listen to what he is saying!
Anonymous said…
Mike Rounds for President 2008
Anonymous said…
John Teupel for Governor!

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