New Blog Project

Sorry for the light posting.

I'm one of two people who is going to be writing for a new South Dakota weblog which will look at issues from both ends of the political spectrum, and I've been trying to bring some cohesion to my points as I write my half of an inaugural post.

3 hours in a car will generally make you a little punchy, and I see some of my post isn't as good as I'd want it to be, so I need to sleep on it.

When we're all done, I'll add it to the blogfeeds and announce it here. It probably won't be a daily thing as much as a weekly thing, but it should add a nice dimension to the political discussion as I don't think there's currently another GOP/DEM blog out there.


Anonymous said…
let me guess: you and epp?
Anonymous said…
I would think the blog would be an interesting read. It also will depend who is on the other side.

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