The IRS has some of your money...

The IRS published a list of the people in SD who are owed IRS refunds as reported in the Rapid City Journal. And did anyone else notice a familiar name?
The IRS is looking for 155 taxpayers in South Dakota whose income-tax refund checks could not be delivered. When a taxpayer moves or changes address and fails to notify the IRS or the U.S. Postal Service, a check sent to the taxpayer’s last known address is returned to the IRS.

An address issue is the most common reason that a check is returned as undeliverable, according to Christopher Miller, IRS spokesman.

“Either someone fails to update their address with us or the postal service when they move; or perhaps, their mail fails to catch up with them because they’re going back and forth from home to school,” he said. “In other cases, you’ll have someone who has experienced a life-changing event. They get married or divorced. Sometimes, a taxpayer dies, and we’re not able to get them the refund.”

Checks totaling $134,074 can be reissued as soon as taxpayers correct or update their addresses with the IRS. The average refund in South Dakota is $865. In some cases, a taxpayer has more than one check waiting.


Ingman, Brian, Sioux Falls; Jensen, Justin J., Harrisburg; Jerke, Janice C., Rapid City; Johnson, Jarrod R. and Heidi M., Brandon;
Read it here. And if it's the same Jarrod I know (our new school and lands commissioner), it sounds like his Christmas might be paid for this year.


Anonymous said…
Holy crap PP. You have way too much time on your hands.
Anonymous said…
Boy that is just the kind of guy we want looking after our money and property...sheesh, I hope he takes better care of our money than he does his own. Yikes.
Anonymous said…
He thought it was hidden under his cowboy hat.
Anonymous said…
7:43 has a good point. This is the same guy who's watching over millions of public funds?

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