Kranz on the 2010 Slate of Gubernatorial Candidates

In his Argus Leader column today, Dave Kranz noted those who are considering a run at the office of Governor. Interestingly enough, I heard he was actually calling a few people on it:
Plain and simple: Don’t rule out a third-generation Herseth for Governor campaign sooner than one would have thought.

If she does vacate the House seat, it is a no-brainer that Brendan Johnson, son of
Sen. Tim Johnson, would have no trouble getting the Democratic nomination and would be a credible candidate from the beginning.


Whether he wants to be named, Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard is at or near the top of most lists. If Gov. Mike Rounds runs for U.S. Senate and wins, Daugaard becomes governor in 2009, making him an incumbent in 2010. That would make Rounds doubly happy because he would go to Washington and also get his guy in the governor’s office – keeping some whom he doesn’t prefer off the second floor.

Even if that Rounds-Daugaard situation does not materialize, count on several names interested in the race: state Sen. David Knudson, Sioux Falls; state Sen. Tom Dempster, Sioux Falls; former House Majority Leader Bill Peterson, Sioux Falls; PUC commissioners Gary Hanson of Sioux Falls and Dusty Johnson of Pierre; state Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, Watertown; House Speaker Matt Michels, Yankton; Bob Sutton of Pierre, president of the South Dakota Community Foundation; and state Rep. Joel Dykstra, Canton.

And there is talk among Republicans that 2010 may be the year when Mark Mickelson will emerge as a third-generation member of that family to become governor.

Incidentally, look for Dykstra to entertain a challenge to Herseth in 2008.
Read it all here. Actually, a Dykstra challenge to Herseth is intriguing. An East River Assistant Majority Leader active in the business community might provide a stronger challenge to Herseth than we had this year with Bruce Whalen.

Plus, with a Democratic Majority in the House, Herseth is likely to make some unpopular votes this year, possibly revealing some chinks in the armor.

This year, Bruce had a terrible time getting an issue to resonate with the voters. The only ones that seemed to even register were the planned parenthood phone call and the debate ducking issue (which after doing it for two elections, will haunt her even more if she continues the pattern next time).

Approaching things from a different angle would at least give Republicans a chance to see if we .can find any more issues with traction


Anonymous said…
Brendan Johnson is a lock to run for Congress. Everyone already assumes it and he encourages such talk. Too bad for the Democrats that he's such a cheeseball.
Anonymous said…
The Princess loves Georgetown too much...she'll never run for Governor. She wants to be a national player. Watch for her to challenge Thune in 2010.
Anonymous said…
Republicans face the truth: Herseth stays as long as she wants. Gee is that Tim Johnson still in office, I believe so!

Trying to defeat a Demo soley on the basis that they are a Democrat doesn't work. Thune tried that against Johnson .

None of you actually do any campaign work, you all want to sit in the Longbranch tell Mike Melhaff Jr. your drink order.
Anonymous said…
everything Kranz writes about has been known in political circles for a couple of years...when was the last time Kranz had a real scoop?
Anonymous said…
9:39....I am more of a Bob's bar type of guy.
Anonymous said…
Hey 9:39... Who was that other guy that USED to be in office?

Dasc- something I think.
Anonymous said…
yeah 10:28
only took you guys 26 years to get him. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
All this speculating about governor candidates. We all know it'll be Larry Russell for governor and Jennifer Gionnonatti for lieutenant governor. Roger Hunt for AG. Shantel Krebs for US House in 2008. Lee Schoenbeck for US Senate in 2008.
Anonymous said…
1:11 PM- are you serious?
Anonymous said…
Dykstra would be the best dressed candidate.
RealFakeNews said…
Brendan Johnson is far from a cheeseball. Smart, handsome, great personal skills, and he worked for a prosecutor before going with the big time firm. A couple of generations have predicted father Tim's likely political demise without success. Go ahead and make the same mistake about Brendan. I hope he does run for something--and wins in typical understated Johnson style.
Anonymous said…
Brendan Johnson is a great candidate and he will be very hard to beat But I think that Dusty Johnson would be a great 2010 candidate. He is also articulate, smart and media savvy. He has a great,intelligent and working wife who would resonate with the 90% of working moms in the state. I think it would be great to have these 2 smart Johnson boys pushing the state to higher levels.
Anonymous said…
Brendan Johnson, huh? Just what we need, another liberal Democrat lawyer!
Anonymous said…
You use the word liberal like it is a disease. It is yet another label for people that cannot use some inspired verbage. It seems that we just label people conservative, liberals, rinos, dinos etc- why not highlight true attributes and accomplishments (or lack there of )instead of just meaningless words that really mean nothing.

Brendan will be a formidable force and I hope he does well in whatever he does.
Anonymous said…
I agree Dykstra would do better than Whalen. He may reach 35%.

That guy has worn our his welcome in Pierre and the voters aren't as gullable as you PP.
Anonymous said…
Dykstra may have worn out his welcome in Pierre but the voters sent him there for another 2 years.

He won't win a race for governor not even the primary but folks in canton must be more gullible than those in Pierre but not as much as PP.
Anonymous said…
I think the 2010 gov race will be the following republican candidates:

Dennis Daugaard
Matt Michels
Lee Schoenbeck
Dave Knudsen

and the winner is?
Anonymous said…
Not Lee S. for sure, baked he's so done. The winner off of that list is Mark Mickelson.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, Mark isn't on that list. The winner is the other MM boy-Michels. PS--- Sounds like 7:35 AM must be a liberal!
Anonymous said…
I would choose Shane Penfield affectionely know as penrod penman shawn penn of south dakota and more. Look at the facts. He married right.Has the support of a prominent platte lawyer not you Dietrick! and he {Penfield} is a leader. If I were running for governor penfield would be the LT governor hands down!
Anonymous said…
Koetzle Kloucek and Katus!!!!!Looks like the repubs are going to have their hands full once again!
Anonymous said…
Right, the KKK!

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