New Blog Project is up

The new weblog that I'm doing with Todd Epp from SD Watch is up at with myself taking the position of the right, and Todd handling duties on behalf of the left.

The first topic is whether or not special interest groups are usurping the role of political parties and overtaking them in the political process. It might be a little bumpy start, but we'll find our groove soon enough.

As opposed to serving as a monologue as blogs can tend to be, it's designed to be a bit more of a dialog.

If you have any suggestions for topics, e-mail them to Todd or I.


Anonymous said…
how about a discussion of how much the Argus Leader sucks?
Anonymous said…
I believe that the new blog will very interesting when the bills start flying in at the capital.

Is it safe to say topics will only be based on SD? Considering the name.

I already have it in my favorites.
Nicholas Nemec said…
E-mail them to Todd or me.
Todd Epp said…

I don't mind that readers send you their ideas, as long as you also forward them to PP. (grin) Yes, I know, a little grammar correction.

Anonymous said…
NIC: It was not so long ago that the would "me" was not used it was always "I", so maybe some old rules are hard to break for some.
So goes life.
But yes, it was a grammar error. But hey isn't that okay on blogs...

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