A silly diversion..


This is bad. I keep playing this mindless little game.


Anonymous said…
What is it?What are you supposed to do? It's just one little line and nothing happens.
Anonymous said…
I agree...very adicting.
Anonymous said…
I agree with 12:22. How does this little line work?
PP said…
You draw a slope (from left to right), and the little sledder slides down it.

You can make jumps, etc.

How he navigates the course depends on how steep things are.

It took me a few tries before I figured it out.
Anonymous said…
Try this one

Anonymous said…
okay, I was going to say what is the big deal! I have a program on my puter that i can do this.
Now that I read PP's post I will have to try it again.
By the way has anyone every ask you PP, if when they type your initials does it remind them to go into the bathroom. Sorry, no pun intended. lol
Anonymous said…
Jezz, the poor litle dude, I keep making him fall into cyber space with no bottom landing zone.
Is this abuse or what!

Is there a bottom????

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