Leslee Unruh for Congress?

Theron McChesney over at SD Progressive has a youtube clip I hadn't noticed before. In it, Leslee Unruh talks about how she was thinking of running for congress.

Now of course, he also noted that he thinks she may have violated rules by registering her name as a website, which I don't think is the case.

Heck, I registered my own once. And I wasn't running for anything. I think she likely did it to prevent others from using it.

Theron's article follows up on Dave Kranz's column in the Argus Leader speculating the same:
This might surprise you, but influential Republicans say they are enamored with Leslee Unruh, leader of the Vote Yes For Life campaign. They consider her knowledgeable and lacking in fear of anyone - qualities that make her ready for the prime time in the political arena and the right person to challenge Herseth.
Read that all here. Which influential Republicans is Dave talking to? I haven't heard that one once (and they truly influential Republicans do generally read me).

I don't think she'd fly as a GOP party nominee. Why? For starters, she's a polarizing figure. Like it or not, you have to admit that there's one issue that is indelibly tied to Leslee, and it isn't economic development. While she's paid her dues on the campaign trail for abortion, her base is arguably the same as her husband's, and he didn't go far during the special GOP convention in 2004. In fact, Leslee also wasn't terribly kind to Barb Everist on the issue of abortion on the few days leading up to the special election. And people aren't to soon forget that.

Arguably the next best person to come out of that race was Larry Russell. And despite my multiple attempts at prodding him to do it, Larry is happy doing his job.

If Republicans want to make a serious run at the race, we need to start surveying the rank and file of the party. Who do 'they' want to see? Who do the people at the grassroots consider as having "rockstar" potential? because that's who (or what) it's going to take.

Me? I want somebody younger(or youngish) and conservative. I want a skilled orator who knows the issues who is generally well liked by the party. I want someone who has run around the block once or twice and knows the lay of the political landscape.

I think a Lt. Governor Daugaard would be exceedingly formidable for Stephanie. I don't know a soul on either side of the aisle who could say a harsh word about him if they tried. Knowing the issues and politically savvy could be former GOP ED Jason Glodt. PUC Commissioner Dusty Johnson or House Speaker Matt Michels would also be tough contestants. While they're West River boys U.S. Atty Marty Jackley or Jim Seward would have solid general GOP party support.

23 months and counting. Who is it going to be?


Anonymous said…
PP - I had the same reaction as you. I couldn't help but wonder if the "influential Republicans" were Al Unruh and Roger Hunt. Leslie Unruh would be a DISASTER as a statewide candidate.

I thought Dave Kranz's entire column this week was interesting - basically looking down the road a couple of years. Kranz seems fairly convinced that Rounds is a sure thing to run against Tim Johnson - I'm not sure I buy that.

I agree with your list, PP - Daugaard would be a great candidate but he will probably want to wait for Governor in '10. Michels is the same way - I think a Daugaard/Michels ticket would be great. Jarrod Johnson, Dusty Johnson, Jackley, Glodt, or Seward would all be good too.

Better than ol' Bruce, anyway!
Anonymous said…
Come on guys. Consider the source of the rumor...Dave Kranz.
Anonymous said…
Would Leslee Unruh and the voices in her head be considered "influential Republicans"?

Running crazy Leslee would be like a year long episode of Jerry Springer.

The Republicans need to kick the family values taliban to the curb and get back to real politics.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, Leslie would be great! She could run on the only issue that matters in politics. It would wonders for whalen, and Ellie.
Anonymous said…
Were they paid to defeat the Republican Party and split the Pro-life vote? Will we ever know?
Allen and Leslee are the Jim and Tammy Bakers of South Dakota politics.
Anonymous said…
Good one 8:04. I'll call the ball. Herseth 74% Unruh (either) 24% random nut jobs other than Unruh 4%.
Anonymous said…
Which of course, GOP, are you listening! 2010, Herseth 50.5% Thune 47% Nutjobs (other than Unruh) 2.5%.
Anonymous said…
Leslie Unruh, a legend in her own mind.
Anonymous said…
Please nominate Ms. Unruh. That nomination would be the smartest thing the GOP could do since nominating Dale Bell for an open congressional seat while the Democrats nominated Tim Johnson.

Who lost that GOP primary to Mr. Bell? The GOP's current favorite legislative whipping boy Scott Heidepriem now the Democrats newly elected Senate Leader.

Had Scott won that long ago primary the political landscape in SD might be considerably different today.

So please nominate Leslie Unruh. Her base is the base of the Republican Party.
Anonymous said…
Leslee won't run. She gets more government money out of office than she would make in office.

When is the government going to investigate Leslee's illegal lobbying activities while she collects 6 figures worth of government payola? She's living high off the hog on taxpayer dollars with no accountability at all. Why would she want anything different?
Anonymous said…
She's a scarier version of Katherine Harris.
Anonymous said…
If she is thinking of running then we will have to dust off Kate Looby and send her to Washington too.
Let them do to the country what they did to S.D.
Anonymous said…
Did everyone miss Shantel Krebs?? A former Miss South Dakota, young, beautiful, articulate, knows the issues, has name recognition, small business owner, AND has family values.
Anonymous said…
I believe Kate was 1st runner up in the Miss S.D. back in the day.
Anonymous said…
How about Kari Weems? Articulate, family oriented and related to Thune.
Anonymous said…
I think Leslee and the crotch police should start their own party and let the republicans keep the business-oriented, lower-taxes, less-government platform. Don't insult my gender by running a woman just because you think you need one. I don't think any of the women mentioned are qualified. Does anyone remember Carole Hillard? Now, there's quality!
Anonymous said…
Please don't forget the other candidate that Dale Bell beat...the new democrat poster child...Ron Volesky.
Anonymous said…
Bart Kull
Dale Bell
Dave Volk
Char Harr

Isn't it about time the Republicans ran another 4-letter word for Congress? (no offense to the named people - just an observation on their names and lack of success).
Anonymous said…
What about Frankenfeld? That is a long name and did not turn out well either. The problem is money and lack of party support in the primary. The Repubs, rightly or wrongly, believe that the party should stay out of the primary. Against a well financed incumbant, this does great damage to the candidate.
PP said…
Guys, you're forgetting a few things. Such as that the State Party is terribly limited in the cash it can front for federal candidates.

The only area for leeway is for "party building," and that's typically limited to federal level party apparatuses sending big money in.
Gina Odegaard said…
Leslee Unruh was not the one to cause problems with Barb Everist. It was Kitty Worthman from Eagle Forum, who sent the letter out. Get your facts straight. Everist is pro-life

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