The Argus complaining about media vultures seems like a contradiction in terms

Today's editorial cartoon in the Argus:

One of today's above the fold front page stories:

Johnson illness may alter Rounds' '08 plans
Governor has expressed no interest in Senate run

Sen. Tim Johnson was raising money and dropping hints that he would seek a
third term in the U.S. Senate in the 2008 elections.

Rep. Stephanie Herseth was eagerly looking forward to January when she,
Johnson and their fellow Democrats would take power in both the House and

And Mike Rounds, the popular Pierre Republican who never had to leave
his hometown to ascend to the governorship, appeared satisfied to finish his two
terms and then move back down the street to his insurance business.Or at least
that's the way it seemed - until a leaking blood vessel Wednesday in Washington,
D.C., clouded the political landscape of America and potentially altered the
futures of Johnson, Herseth and, in particular, Rounds.


Rounds did not return a telephone call seeking comment on this story. But
the governor has said he has no interest in going to Washington, D.C., and
serving in the Senate.


"I've had the assumption that Rounds, being a Pierre resident, doesn't have
any ambitions with respect to Congress," says Alan Clem, a retired University of
South Dakota political scientist.

Read all of the Argus' feeding frenzy here.

So, despite the advice of Jason Folkerts excellent editorial cartoon, it looks like the Argus can't resist picking up a few morsels like the other media vultures, themselves.

Despite the fact that no one is saying that the Gov has any interest whatsoever, they can't resist the headline.

And another vulture joins the pack.


Anonymous said…
Rounds wants to run for higher office, but would certainly lose to either Johnson or Herseth. It is too bad South Dakota is so leaderless!
Anonymous said…

Governor Rounds got something like 70-80 percent of the vote in the last election and you think South Dakota is leaderless!

Well, I looked up "leaderless" in the dictionary and it says see "Democrat Party in South Dakota"!

I see that Frank Kloucek is taking political shots at Ridgefield Farms, which of course Governor Rounds was a strong supporter of its concept. Sounds like Krank Floucek is setting up to challenge Rounds? Well there you go! Krank Floucek would be just the perfect Democrat to challenge Governor Rounds for the U.S. Senate!

The dictionary was wrong! The Democrat Party in South Dakota does have strong leadership! Krank Floucek for U.S. Senate!

Governor Rounds is coming off of a huge political landslide. Why in the world wouldn't he think that at least 51% of South Dakotans would support him for U.S. Senate?

Oh, I forgot, the last elections showed he had no political support. My fault for missing the obvious!
Anonymous said…
Rounds got around sixty percent when the democrats nominated a liberal, tired old man. Nothing impressive about that victory. Stephanie did better against Whalen. There really aren't any bragging rights there. Yes, it was a victory, but he is not in the league of Johnson or Herseth. If Thune couldn't beat Johnson, how in the world could Rounds even come close to him. Rounds does not have the base energized--he's further alienated and divided them from his inbred, nepotonistic regime in Pierre. Prediction: Johnson 60% to Rounds' 40% for 2008 U.S. Senate. Prediction: Stephanie 65% to Rounds' 35% for U.S. Senate in 2008.
Rounds will never run against either. The GOP will have a hard time recruiting anyone to run.
Anonymous said…
Rounds could beat Johnson and would beat Herseth - but he is not going to run against either. The thing the media keeps missing is that HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE A SENATOR.
Anonymous said…
"Rounds could beat Johnson and would beat Herseth"

Wrong. And wrong.

Unless you're talking about an insurance sales competition.
Anonymous said…
20 bucks says we'll never know
Anonymous said…
For all of you that support the good Governor, name 3 things that he has done that have improved SD. He has governed over an economy that was rolling along just fine without him---nothing he has done helped that cause. SO don't say the economy. He's brought virtually no new business to SD. School funding---any additional money for schools came from the legislature and he's taken credit for it but it did not come from him. Homestake---that was a done deal--he just had to show up at the closing and sign the papers. He has since let it start to fill with water and didn't put the internet 3 money in the budget indicating he doesn't support economic development in the state and sends questions to NSF. Energy---his lack of understanding on that issue is very obvious to anyone who tries to speak to him with any knowledge. Lets just admit it--he is a caretaker Governor. He has not shown leadership in any one particular area at all. However, he does one hell of a good job at recognizing the military. Which I won't quibble with at all. He would get smoked running against any of the current congressional team,and I suspect he knows it.
Anonymous said…
I don't have a dog in the fight about these races, and I keep reading articles about how I haven't been a cheerleader for the Gov, but the last poster is over the top. Mike Rounds legacy to South Dakota, and the defining event of his administration will be the NSF lab. The deal couldn't get done -- read that - COULDN'T GET DONE - when the two best political minds our state has seen since Mundt and Norbeck (understand they didn't live at the same time and work together -but that only further proves the point) that Gov Bill Janklow and US Senate Majority Leader Daschle couldn't put this one together. These are two VEZRY capable public officials that liked each other, worked together, and for one of the few times intheir political carreers, couldn't get it done. Gov Rounds legacy is that he came up with the indemnification plan and sold it. I think Jamie Roudns is a VERY unsung hero in this deal, but the bottom line is that this Gov got it done. Beat how you will on future races, but don't ignore that a whole of future SOuth Dakota kids are probably going to have a better education becuase of the Homestake NSF lab. Most people don't appreach the reach of this deal, but it will spill more for our kids each year than our state coffers can appropriate for higher education -- and there will be a lot of benefits in teh science area even for k-12. I spent a while talking to the retired admiral that heads the Idaho NSZF lab, and he said that he expects to measured by what they do for k-12 in Idaho each year - it's not even a case of wild speculation. this is big for our state. Lee Schoenbeck
Anonymous said…
3 things?

Well Sen. Schoenbeck could only come up with one thing--and that is arguable. We are a long ways from capturing nutrino's and until we have a lab I'll wait to congratulate our governor. The good Senator failed to offer anything else the Mayor er I mean Governor has done that is measurable so I'll put my hopes in someone with leadership ability running in 4 years, if I'm still in the state. Damn good place to live just not sure there aren't more progressive places to be in the next 10 years.
Anonymous said…
i cant believe this.... but I am going to agree with what Lee Schoenbeck said... 100% right.....including the Jamie Rounds part....(I may have to start thinking of Lee Schoenbeck in a diff way)..

8:16 is way off....the energy creation is on its way......NSF will do more the anyone;s wildest dreams......the economy in SD will stay strong even when everyone else will slow
Anonymous said…
Those closest to Rounds know his intentions, and they ARE to run against Johnson....always have been. He always chooses his words very carefully when in public, though. He never closes the door, but makes implications for people to interpret.

Rounds is the consummate politician. You never know where he's truly coming from. Because he tells you what you want to hear with a smile on his face, you never know when you're being had.
Anonymous said…
I have never voted for Johnson or Herseth and never plan on it. If Rounds runs against either of them, I will change my plans.
Anonymous said…
What makes you guys think Homestake is going to get the NSF grant?

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