Cap Journal: Ed Olson says Kloucek could face censure for comments

It's not on-line yet (look about 10:00 AM or so at, but Senator Frank Kloucek's e-mail may be getting him into dutch, big time. You have got to go pick up the dead tree edition of the newspaper today for this top of the newspaper article, or wait to check out the website.

The article talks about how Frank inadvertently sent private correspondence to newsrooms all over the state in an article entitled "Senator's e-mail airs dirty laundry."

The first sentence? "A recent press release from a State Senator accidentally made his views known on everything from the Senate page scandal to who he refuses to sit by during the upcoming legislative session."

Much of the rest has been recounted all weekend on this website, but Ed Olson adds a new wrinkle to it with his statement:
"I just went 'my gosh' when I read the e-mail, and when we adopt rules (Kloucek) could possibly get a censure as well," Olson said.
It's not all bad for Frank. Apparently one of the targets of his ire, BJ Nesselhuf has forgiven him.
"Frank's a good guy, he just needs to learn how to use his e-mail a little better."
And BJ also noted that Frank "called him to apologize."

Stay tuned for more.


Anonymous said…
What does "getting into Dutch" mean?

You've used this term twice when referring to this story, once a couple days ago and now today.
Anonymous said…
What in the Senate rules would authorize the Senate to vote to censure Kloucek for the stuff in that e-mail?

While the Senate is at it maybe the House should censure Roger Hunt for money laundering nearly a million dollars of donations to the "Vote Yes On 6" campaign.
Dakota Voice said…
I can sympathize more than a little with Kloucek.

A few years ago while working in a major corporation, I had an email conversation with someone about an idea to dramatically streamline some of our processes. The significance of this shot over their head at mach 3, so I intended to forward their email to someone else with the statement that some people wouldn't recognize a good idea if it came up to them, slapped them in the face and bit their nose off.

The only thing is, instead of hitting Forward, I hit Reply.

Had a crow sandwich over that one.
Anonymous said…
I could feel sorry for Kloucek except:

• The letter was intended to knife fellow Democrat legislators in the back and to slander the reputations of Governor Janklow and three prominent Republicans who once served in the legislature.
• The letter was sent to the Senate Minority Leader as Kloucek’s official request to curry favor and seek committee assignments.
• The libel in the letter discussed people’s sex lives and sought to maliciously ruin their reputations in the eyes of the Senate Minority Leader.
• The letter repeated the string of lies Kloucek has spewed about Dennis Wiese and the Ridgefield Beef project. Kloucek intentionally sought to damage Wiese personally and professionally.
• The letter attacked Wiese’s wife and his son.
• The letter included Kloucek’s assertion, based on hearsay, that Dan Sutton encouraged young adults under his management to get drunk in the liquor room at the King’s Inn.

If Kloucek is telling people he’s sorry, you have to wonder:

• Is he sorry for saying so many stupid and malicious things?
• Is he sorry only because he got caught?

I hope someone reproduces the entire letter so that the general public can see how intentionally damaging this letter was.

It was entirely inexcusable and Senator Olson is on the right track to address it. If what I saw earlier on War College is correct, Kloucek should be kicked out of Farmer’s Union for spreading lies in writing about Ridgefield and that organization’s former president.

If Kloucek had an ounce of nobility, he’d resign from the legislature and Farmer’s Union and never, never return to public life. Apparently a guy like Frank has no value to anyone other than himself, and you can see in the letter that taking care of Frank is his #1 obsession 24/7.
Anonymous said…
Hey 9:17:

what if the stuff is true?

What should Frankie K do then?
Anonymous said…
What exactly is a censure?
Anonymous said…
"Frank's a good guy, he just needs to learn how to use his e-mail a little better."

That could be the best quote of the article. I seldom agree with Nesselhuff’s politics, but he has more class then I thought.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Ed Olson can schedule time for Kloucek's censure right after the senate takes up Ed Olson's proposal to strip churches of their tax exemptions.
Anonymous said…
10:49 am. You are correct. If everybody Nesselhuf could not forgive everybody who has refferred to him in a negative form- he would have nobody to talk to- in Pierre or otherwise.
Anonymous said…
Other then the 70% of people in his district who voted for him.
Anonymous said…
Some people have no regard for factual info that they spew out, just don't seem to care about the truth.

4:28 wrote that Frank got 70% of the vote in his district. Actually, he got 5144 votes to his opponent's 4095. That calculates to about 55.7% for Kloucek and 44.3% for Hauck.

It's quite evident 4:28 doesn't care about facts, or . . . just isn't good at math.
Anonymous said…
8:28, some people just either cant read or cant comprehend. The 70% reference was to BJ Nesselhuf - not Kloucek. And if he got 67% rather than 70%, who cares?
Anonymous said…
When have the house and senate scheduled the sanction hearings for Roger Hunt and for all of the legislators who failed to timely file campaign finance reports.

If they can sanction members who didn't violate the law, shouldn't they sanction those who did violate election-related laws?

Oh, I forgot. It's not about actual legal violations. It's about Republicans sanctioning Democrats.
Anonymous said…
Great timing for Ed Olson. Takes the heat off of him for his "Let's tax churches" comments.

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