Havin' a bad day. Might there be light at the end of the tunnel?

I hate short people
I hate tall people
I hate all people today

Cuz, I'm havin' a bad day
Havin' a bad day
Get out of my way
cuz, I'm havin' a bad day
- "Bad day" by Blue Flannel
Ugh. What a day. It's days like this one that make me want to just leave the key to the office on my desk, go pack up my computer at home and drive to Brookings, never to return. (or at least not to return until I need to get something from the house).

People won't call me back at work, too much on my plate in Brookings that needs my personal attention, etcetera, and so on.... and on top of everything else I got a rejection from a job interview I had last week.

I have to say it was the nicest rejection I've had to date. They told me they wished they had two positions to fill, because they were pleasantly surprised how much they liked me, and it was between me and one other person. Supposedly they agonized over which one of us to pick, and the other person had more face time in doing major donor asks. (It was a fund raising position).

What can I say? I've done them, but in political campaigns, as it should be, it's usually the candidate that does major donor face time, not the staff (we tend to do events, direct mail, telemarketing, etc.). So, despite really liking me, I lost out. And so, I remain back at step one.

It's getting to the point where I try to figure out "can I just chuck it all and get in my truck and drive east?" How long can I live cashing in what little retirement I have while I continue the job hunt, and whether I can possibly feed the hordes of children in my house while avoiding bankruptcy.

. Maybe I can sell a kidney on eBay. I did just get $75 for a couple of Christmas cards that I would have otherwise thrown away.

Unless it was prohibitive to what I did, I think my most fervent desire would be to keep up on writing the SDWC. Ideally, I'd love to have full sponsorship of my activities, where I was generally free to comment on whatever political topics I darn well wanted to. No sacred cows, just let it fly... Well, as much as I could let fly after I've run it by my attorney friends to make sure it's not going to get me into too much trouble.

Probably the other thing that has me down as much as anything lately is an invitation I had to decline to be a television commenter this next week. They wanted me - they actually wanted me - to participate in a panel discussion of reporters and media people on what the biggest stories of 2006 were. But alas. It conflicted with just getting back from vacation, so I had to decline. Work first. Play time second.

Dammit. I really wanted to do that.

If you can't tell, I enjoy this stuff. I think the greatest thing in the world would be to figure out a way to do this full time. Last week, I sent out a press release on the fact I'm over 200,000 visitors and nearly a half a million website hits in an effort to increase my exposure. (I'll be over 1/2 million hits by Saturday)

The idea is to see if I can continue to grow my readership. More readership, more exposure. More exposure, possibly some/more revenue. But I haven't seen it in print yet, so I sit and toil in relative anonymity.

I'll just have to keep trying. Keep writing and keep trying.

As I approach this Christmas season, my personal wish to Santa Claus is to show me just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. And hey, while you're at it, allow me to continue to do something that gives me immense personal satisfaction. Hopefully, the SDWC will blog on.

And for all of you reading tonight (or later) - on your behalf, I'd ask Santa for good health, peace of mind and heart, and prosperity.

Happy Holidays.

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