David Zucker takes on the Iraq Study Group

Funny, but really, really biting political humor.


Anonymous said…

Where are you at on the war? Please enlighten the students.

The Zucker thing is maybe something that will be funny 10 years after the war. As for now, as South Dakota and more small, rural states send National Guardy guys off to die trying to police multiple religious factions...I just shake my head. Bush and Cheney never served their country in combat and they've charged headstrong into a conflict that they had no idea how it would play out.

Mr. Bush..."mission accomplished"... please bring our men and women home. They did a great job finding Saddam, now its time to redeploy.
Navy Mom said…
Obviously YOU'VE never served your country in combat--and you haven't been to Iraq--and you have spoken with those who have been in the ground forces there either!

You can shake your head all you want. The Zucker thing is absolutely right. It is hard to believe that some of the top DEMS in out country could be so STUPID! They didn't study well in American history, or they didn't take it, or the course they took had history rewritten to be more politically correct.

Ask some of our South Dakota guys who have been in Iraq. They will tell you what an amazing job our forces are doing and how pulling out now is totally the wrong thing to do!
Navy Mom said…
You HAVEN"T spoken with our guys that have been to Iraq.
GOP come home said…
Maybe if we stick our heads in the sand and wish terrorism away it will disappear.
GI Joe said…
If things are so bad over there why are our troops who have served in the most dangerous combat zones reenlising at record levels?

It's because they see the progress, the purpose and success we are having in accomplishing our mission.
Anonymous said…
Looks like someone was passing around Republican Kool-Aid to the War College students this AM...

This war is a disaster. And it's just getting worse. Now Dubya wants to send more troops. What a gigantic blunder this thing is. What a national embarrassment. What a shame.

Worst president ever. Worst war ever.
Anonymous said…
When will we capture Osama Bin Laden?

When will we capture Mullah Omar(Taliban leader you have already forgotten about it's been so long since we last heard the Bush administration talk about him)?

How are we going to make the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Kurds all live together in harmony when they haven't been able to get along for 1,000 years?

When the oil fields are in ethnic areas controlled by the minority Sunnis and Kurds, why do we expect the majority Shiites to all of a sudden stop fighting?

Do we have any reasonable belief that a puppet regime established by us will be respected by these 3 ethnic groups?

How could we ever partition Iraq into Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiite ethnic areas when the oil is not evenly distributed between those areas?

If we believe in democracy, should we just let the majority shiites form a democratically controlled government?

Is our continued presence in Iraq solving any of these problems, or just putting them off for Bush's successor to deal with (at a cost of many lives)?
Anonymous said…
Who's David Zucker?
Anonymous said…
Great post by 1:19pm.

One of the most intelligent ones ever written at War College.

All great points and great questions.

None of them answered by W.
PP said…
8:45 - he's one of the guys who did Airplane!, and the Police squad movies.

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