Just a comment... Traffic is still high after the election season

As of today, My post-election December 20th has higher traffic than the entire pre-election month of September did, right at about 18,000 or more.

I'm not sure, but I think I might actually keep pace with October and November hitting above 25,000 visitors. (yeah!)

I'm also noticing my slowest days (Sundays) keep trending higher and higher. This actually leads me to believe that my readership continues to grow. That's really surprising, since most websites like this tend to drop off after the election cycle.

Thanks for your continued support.


Anonymous said…
Get used to the increase in numbers PP. The people of South Dakota are starting to realize more and more they cannot rely on the drive by media for information and the younger generation (myself being 23) turn to the blogs for the correct information.

Our generation has grown up with the lies of the media and we don't turn to KELO or Argus anymore!!

Keep up the great posts and I will keep promoting this site and other conservative blogs for people to find the truth about what is happening in politics!
Anonymous said…
PP blogs will continue to grow and worthless papers like the Aberdeen Snooze will decrease. We are getting tired of reading how wonderful Liberals are and how bad Conservatives are.

Give me the truth and I will make my own decisions.

I tell all my friends to read and post at your site.

Thank all of you bloggers.

Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
Not so fast, 9:01 and :18. The reason PP's blog is picking up is that he has been doing a superb job of making his pages interesting, provocative and inclusive. He's not a right-wing headbanger, and is rarely (if ever) abusive to posters with points of view different from his own.

For that reason, a lot of Moderates, Independents and yes, even some of us Lefties have been checking in here and joining the conversation.

Simply put, PP's blog is growing because he is serving a broad political spectrum well, in a timely way, with a nose for news, and a tolerant attitude.

I salute you, PP. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
Your Sundays are slow because you post much less on Saturdays & Sundays. Nothing new to read = fewer hits.

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