Now THAT'S a Christmas Present - over 1/2 MILLION page views.

I just passed over a half a million page views. WOW.

Who would have ever thought that I could create something that people thought was worth looking at over a half a million times.

Thanks for the nice Christmas present.


Anonymous said…
What other numbers do you compare yours to PP?
Your own from last year? Chad's? Epp's? Blogmore's? I do think it's all growing exponentially, it's just hard to know how much. There are big opportunities in the offing if someone can crack the code. Let's compare notes sometime.

pp, p.s .Maybe it doesn't seem kosher to be out front like this, but get used to it. That's the new style.
Anonymous said…

When you log on 100x a day it adds up.
PP said…
I compare them to last year's numbers, as more of the other bloggers don't discuss theirs too much.

Todd Epp did have something comparing them all about a year ago, and a couple of the other blogs have counters on them, but I'm not sure if I want to get into the "my traffic is higher than your game."

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