Is this over and done with before it's debated?

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I read the Capital Journal this morning, and was pretty surprised to see that Bob Mercer is reporting that it seems that Ed Olson has made up his mind, and was promoting that view to other Senators, before a final decision was to be debated this afternoon.

Go check it out for yourself in the Pierre, Aberdeen , Watertown, Mitchell or Spearfish papers, but I was operating under the impression that the Senate would debate a decision based on the yet to be forthcoming recommendation of the Select committee.

Before two crucial steps are done, it seems like there is already strong campaigning for censure.

It's not that I mind or disagree with the decision. I think there was wrongdoing, but I question whether the conclusive evidence is strong enough to kick someone out of office.

But the bottom line is that I think we need to get through the process first.

1/29 update.

Okay, the comments are being shut down and hidden. Some of them have gotten way out of hand.

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