More support than they might have thought?

I was cruising the financial reports tonight when I noticed that the report for the "Save our Summers" group was filed in the question of Initiated Measure 3, which failed about 57 to 43 percent, meaning that our school year would remain the same.

With the understanding that I was (and am) against this measure, what caught my attention was that the group only raised and spent $6586, which really didn't provide them much advertising at all - and it still was 57 to 43%. They spent less on the campaign statewide than many candidates did in individual legislative races.

I was kind of surprised with that lackluster initiative to press the measure coming from the tourism industry.

Imagine if they'd mounted a significant campaign with a complete package of television commercials, and a multi-week campaign of newspaper ads and direct mail. It might have been enough to put them over the edge.

Hmmm... Food for thought.


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