3 hours to go until it's "apocalyptic pain" time

It's about 3 hours to go until the time of "apocalyptic pain" as described by attorney Patrick Duffy (not to be confused with the Man from Atlantis, or Bobby from Dallas). As far as the apocalyptic pain thing, the rest of us know it as the Sutton Hearing.

Want to listen? You can hear it the LRC webcast (as run by South Dakota Public Broadcasting) here:

Or if you like to watch, go to KELOland.com, who will be streaming the proceedings live (and presumably uncensored).

I'm hearing from an inside source that most of the chairs in the room are going to be taken up by the Senators, which makes me wonder why they aren't doing this in the Senate Chambers where there is more seating. Regardless, I'm thinking that Room 412 in the Capitol is going to be nigh-inaccessible, so the best option is to catch it in another location.

Keep in mind - this isn't just a hearing. For better or worse, this is history.


Anonymous said…
Most of the seats in the room already are taken by people wearing "Sutton" campaign buttons. The Argus Leader has five people in the room blogging, webcasting, photographing and reporting.
Anonymous said…
interesting nothing is on the web as yet.
Anonymous said…
What's up w/the delay? Is someone working out a deal here? Get Lee Schoenbeck to Pierre now.
Anonymous said…
imagine that, Sutton watches soap operas. femmie guy
Anonymous said…
He laid there for a minute w/Dan's hands on his penis and didn't say or do anything??????? What???????
Anonymous said…
And he went back to the room and laid back down in the bed. !!??? I've known people that sleep in the bathtub before sleeping with other certain people.
Anonymous said…
Dan was stroking it also... what a perv!
Anonymous said…
If you are going to put you hand in another man's pants the least you can do is stroke it. That's not being a perv that's being courteous.
Child Molester said…
What a sick bastard. Sutton belongs in jail!
Anonymous said…
this "hearing" is ludicrous.

wiese accuses sutton of groping. that's for a criminal court to hear. however, of course, ag long found no "evidence" of criminal misconduct. if he would have, the state would have prosecuted for sexual assault. nothing of the sort happened however.
Anonymous said…
Austin didn't say 'penis.'
Anonymous said…
I thought it was hard to hear over the web.
Anonymous said…
The Argus blog did a good job, not great but good. Kept things up to date. I hate the argus. But maybe not their blog.
Anonymous said…
He sat there and admitted it on the recording! what more do you need. He is going to the Father about it!
Anonymous said…
link to audio is already dead,
Anonymous said…
I kept losing the video (many many times) and sometimes I had to click the play button several times for it to download again. Was it my computer or was Kelo having trouble? Just wondering, I'd comment to Kelo, but they probably wouldn't respond anyway. Just curious.

Anyway, I'll be they'll be surprised how many people were watching.

Wished they would have televised it on the other channel they use for the news every now and then when the football games run into news time.
PP said…

What a ()&*^*&^%E$&^ time for Blogger's software to crap out!!

Until it's working right again, here's my latest dispatch:

I've been listening to the Sutton proceedings for what seems like hours now.

We've heard from the accuser, and several other people giving testimony. We've heard the word "penis" over and over (and over). What have we heard at this point in the testimony?

They stayed in the hotel room together. There was a bed and a couch, but they both slept in the bed for two evenings.

Dan bought Austin a shirt and tie. And he ironed it.

Dan had candy. And teenagers apparently hang out at his house.

There were accusations of touching, and right after the incident, those accusations were related to the Attorney General, The local priest in Flandreau and the High School Principal. In about that order.

Someone working for an unnamed congressman got Austin out of trouble for an underage consumption charge out east. And he had a mySpace page that sounded pretty darn wild.

We may (or may not) have heard the word "penis" on the tape made by DCI. But God knows we've heard it several dozen times since the testimony began.

Nancy Turbak didn't seem to know the accuser's name. But other than that, she comes off as a pretty good attorney as she's rattled off her questions to witnesses.

And what in the heck is with the soaps? Who tapes Soap Operas and watches them in their evenings off?

What are my impressions to this point? The story as related by Wiese seemed compelling, but on cross examination, Butler seemed to effectively wage war on the accuser's (Austin Wiese's) credibility. That MySpace page and other things didn't help him. But there still exists some basic points that aren't yet in dispute - that they slept in the same hotel room in the same bed.

How well Sutton comes off on the stand is going to be critically important.
Anonymous said…
Please tell me I wasn't the only one who caught that kid in a total lie!!

First, he tells us that the "creepy part" was when Dan was sitting up and about to touch him in his groin area, but pulled away because he saw the boy awake.

Second, he tells Suttons lawyer that he woke up when Dan was sitting up and had already touched his penis (yeah, I was sick of hearing that word a million times as well) and he turned over.

So what's the truth??

I would also like to know where Val Melmer is on this. Isn't that her job to watch the pages and make sure they have a place to stay? Did she really not know the kid didn't have a place to stay?
Anonymous said…
We might be able to disregard Sutton's actions had it been with any other person. We cannot justify
his action with a page employee of the state. Sutton should not be involved in making laws or voting on laws of South Dakota. Fire him like any responsible company would.

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