Governor Rounds on Global Warming

Seth Tupper over at the Mitchell Daily Republic has a story today with Governor Rounds making a statement on global warming that I don't think I've seen elsewhere:
After attending a conference last week where global warming was discussed, Republican South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds acknowledged human impact on the problem but said he disagrees with some long-term environmental policies that lack feasible, short-term action steps.

Rounds said that “clearly, human activity has impacted global warming.”

“I would assume that there are other issues that may impact it, and I know that there are climate changes that are occurring,” Rounds said, “but most certainly you cannot walk away from the fact that when you burn huge amounts of fossil fuels as we have, that the U.S. along with every other country in the world has contributed carbon to the atmosphere.”
Go read it all here.

That statement is sure to set up some debates between the GOP's moderate and conservative wings between the causes and whether or not South Dakotans need to look at it directly.

It's a fairly middle of the road position on the issue, because if you continue on in the article, the Governor intimates that states should only promise what they can deliver on, and consider long term implications. While, yes, we're building a new coal plant, we're also adding transmission lines which renewable energy sources such as wind can utilize for transmission in the future.


Anonymous said…
"That statement is sure to set up some debates between the GOP's moderate and conservative wings"

Strange isn't it that this "conservative" wing is the wing that likely believe the earth is 6000 years old, we should give girls the HPV vaccine, man never walked on the moon, is prowar, anti abortion, pro death penalty...If enough "moderates" would take part in the process we could get the "conservative" 20% back where they belong-on the fringes.
Anonymous said…
The governor made similar statements last summer. I think his statements are pretty non-controversial. The thing to remember is that the steps we would take to mitigate global warming are good anyway, because they lessen reliance on foreign sources of energy.
Anonymous said…
One of the major causes of global warming is the hot air emanating from the governor's office. What a blow-hard!
Ralph said…
Human emissions of carbon dioxide may be making a minor contribution to global warming, but one has to be terribly gullible to believe they are the major reason behind the modest warming trend we've seen in recent years.

Water vapor is responsible for 96% of the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is paltry in comparison, and most CO2 emissions come from nature - the ocean, natural decomposition, animal respiration, etc.

We are wasting time, energy and literally trillions of dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an issue with almost no scientific justification.

Consider the motives of government scientists. If they don't forecast some impending climate disaster, their grant funds may dry up.

Now consider the climatologists who stuck their neck out and have been called every name in the book. Why would they make such an awful career move unless they have a deep conviction that the UN climate panel is feeding us a bunch of BS?

And can anyone tell me why Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and all the other liberal politicians refuse to debate the science of climate change, and instead insist we trash our economy with higher energy prices under the delusion that it will somehow solve this imaginary problem?

The stampede is heading for the cliff, so I hope some of our conservative politicians are able to apply the brakes soon.
VJ said…
Global Warming = Voodoo Science
Anonymous said…
vj, what about the dinasours?
Anonymous said…
God put the dinosaur bones into the earth about 5,500 years ago to fool us.

It's no wonder VJ doesn't believe in global warming. He/she doesn't believe in any of modern science. Biology, geology, chemistry, physics ... you implicitly reject ALL OF THESE if you believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.
semi-nutty myself said…
Boy, this must be one of those issues that brings all the serious nut jobs out of the woodwork...
Anonymous said…
Look at a basic scientific fact- carbon dioxide is good, it is what plants take in to grow and thrive, and give off oxygen. Greenhouses actually buy CO2 generators to increase it's concentration. Burning of fossil fuels is good for the environment since it makes plants grow faster and greens up the planet. Get a clue, Greenies!
Anonymous said…
Stay tuned, for tomorrow he may change his position on how human beings intesify global warming.

Wishful thinking.

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