SDWC Computer Center back on the air!

About the time I started to type this after being impressed with myself for completely re-wiring my data network tonight in about an hour's time, I noted that someone was posting that "many of the people that commment on this blog are idiots--people who vote and you have to dumb-down to in order to get their vote."

You just can't win sometimes.

Personally, yes, I'd agree that the comments get out in left field at times. But on occasion, there are some really well thought out gems. I wouldn't trash the intellect of the commenters on this website, because they do "get it" when it comes to politics coming down to who can get their message across and connect with the greatest number of voters.

Most of the disagreements here are simply splitting hairs over ideology.

If you think about it, one big problem in politics is that sometimes candidates don't dumb it down. Whether the elite and effete' like it or not, not everyone has a college education. They key is creating a message that appeals equally to all of the citizenry whether they corral livestock for a living or they are microbiologists.

I've had the debate before with other bloggers who get in a snit when I say you have to keep your message simple, because they deem it the dumbing down of political discourse, and they they pontificate on the how America is going to hell in a handbasket.

What you have to consider in political discussions is that every vote counts. And you don't win elections by elitism. You win it by getting people to vote for you.


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