SDWC: Hawking the t-shirts once again.

I haven't mentioned it for a while, but from time to time, I'll sometimes push the t-shirts I make. I don't order them or anything like that. I make them by hand on the t-shirt screen press I built.

This all came to mind because I'm cleaning up my screen printing stuff in preparation for making the annual St. Patrick's Day shirt I usually do for my kids. I'm trying to clean up, because I've got my shop in the garage here in Pierre. Due to the weather, I tend to shut down the operation in the winter. Now that I'm dusting if off for the kids, and Spring is nearly upon us, I find myself tempted to do some "fantasy" shirts for the upcoming political seasons, as well as re-issuing some old favorites.

Of course, you see the current SDWC t-shirt at the top of the page. But that's only the beginning. I would have to re-create the stencil, but what Republican conservative wouldn't want me to re-issue my infamous "Republican Lite" shirt (less filling, no ideology).

I had to drag that out once this session just to give a few of the conservative legislators a good laugh.

I had another design I was going to do this last year during the campaign season, but when I showed it to one legislator friend, all I got was was a big groan.

Yes, that's actually meant to be a "Napoli-on-Dynamite" shirt. (OK. That pun might just be too bad to allow to go any further)

I've got one 2010 Governor fantasy logo shirt done and inserted into the logo I created below
But I can't decide if I should use the same design for all the candidates, or create fantasy logos for each. I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

If I do fantasy shirts, is there any interest to make it worth my while?


Anonymous said…
pp. you really need to find something to fulfill your time with. There is life out there besides the conservative agenda.
Anonymous said…
The Napoli shirt image could be vastly improved by making it a BUNDLE of sticks, held at an angle, with NAPOLI on EACH stick--Not above the explosive.
Much more accurate for the genuine conservative that Napoli is. And boy, does South Dakota need him!! More now than ever!!!
PP said…
It was actually meant to be an anagram.
Anonymous said…
Napoli isn't a conservative, he's a libertarian.
Anonymous said…
Working the conservative agenda is a life.

We need it now more than ever.

I do get a chuckle looking at the mainstrem shirt.

I agree with 10:59 we need true conservatives in Pierre.
Anonymous said…
"Napoli isn't a conservative, he's a libertarian."

Except when it comes to your personal life, then he becomes a big government, nanny stater.
mikemehlhaffjr said…

If you want to make your fantasy Governor shirt worth your time, take a cue from the Napoleon Dynamite gym shirts. A shirt with a blank area over the "for governor 2010" where the purchaser can write in the name of their favorite candidate with a Sharpie marker.

If you like my idea, you can have it for a TAR Days plug.

Anonymous said…
You should follow the Napolean Dynamite movie and use Pedro's campaign slogan:

VOTE FOR [insert name here]

All your dreams will come true!

But add:

(You must forward this message to nine potential voters within 15 minutes or your worst fears will come true. DO THIS--IT WORKED FOR ME!!!)
scimitar said…
PP, Before you print the "Mainstream Moderates" shirts you better use spell check.

Spelling might not be so important on the blog, but people may not want to buy shirts with misspelled words.

Wait! We're talking about Republicans. They either won't notice the spelling mistake or will classify it as a principled stand against liberal elitists. Just leave the error in there.
Mr. Carnegie said…
pp--the anagram still works with 10:59's suggestion. ...just more punch.
mr carnegie said…
More Italian than French...
Anonymous said…

How's that for a spelling error, you dolt? There isn't anything spelled wrong in the MAINstream liberal shirt.
Anonymous said…
Anon 4:40

Nothing like proving Scimitar's point huh ace?
Check the last word in the design.

How do you spell "judgment" dood?
Anonymous said…
4:40 is probably referring to the fact that "judgement" is an accepted alternate spelling for the preferred "judgment" — the former being the way that it is spelled in Great Britian.
Anonymous said…
Good one, "dood". Another dipschitmar. Right on, 11:20. Right on.

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