The Last Night before the legislators go home for a while

I spent some time out with several of the legislators tonight as they prepare for the sojourn home, and there were some interesting comments and information that came across.

One thing was the fact that I actually saw some Legislative Interns and legislators in the same room for the first time this session. I was pointing this out and noting that when I was an intern myself (way back in 1988), the big speech from the Intern supervisors that we got was that because of events in previous years, the Intern were admonished that they should not fraternize with the high school aged legislative pages. (Of course, it was quipped that "according to this years' legislature, fraternizing with the pages is OK.")

For those readers who are asking, no, I'm not going to tell what I saw, was told, overheard, and those photos were not for the blog. I was out being social, and everything was off limits.

Except for this photo. This one was kind of funny.Whether I agreed with them or not, I'd like to thank the legislators for their efforts at serving the public. I know it must be difficult for them to try to do what they think is right, especially when you have people like me grumbling. But, in the end, they're the ones who are elected, so they get to make the call.

And special "shout out" to Representative Phyllis Heineman who I hear enjoys the website. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
Oh, good... Phyllis reads the site. Here's a tip, Phyllis. Every time you talk about the education clause of the South Dakota constitution, you misquote it. You say "general and uniform, thorough and efficient."

Take a look at it again. You might wish it really said thorough and efficient, but it doesn't.

I think it's a shame that our education chair doesn't even know what the constitution says about the legislative branch's responsibility to schools.

The end.
Anonymous said…
Oh good, what happens in Pierre stays in Pierre, right? Business as usual?

Sorry, but this is exactly what your third paragraph says.
Anonymous said…
This post does wonders for elevating the quality of this blog.
Anonymous said…
OK, I guess I am out of it when it comes to pop culture or whatever. I don't get whatever is being conveyed by the photos.
PP said…
Anon 2, I think you're stretching it a bit.

It was a matter of people sitting down, taking their shoes off, and relaxing without the worry of who was taking what down in writing.
Anonymous said…
It's also a matter of the chair of House Education not knowing what her constitutional obligations are.

It's a matter of that, too.
Anonymous said…
What's the picture of Phyllis Heineman have to do with the picture of Jim Hundstad?

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