Sibby on Senate Majority Leader Knudson & the MAINstream anchor.

About a week after hitting Assistant Majority Leader Tom Dempster over his ugly duckling comments, Steve Sibson (as we all know and love as Sibby), today took out his keyboard and swung away at Senate Majority Leader Dave Knudson:

Knudson’s agenda was that of the Sioux Falls Country Club Republican agenda, as the true South Dakota Republicans shot down the property tax and the 4.3 % education funding plans. Knudson did successfully get the technical school governance plan through, but fellow Country Club Republican has threatened to veto that.


In conculsion, these Country Club Republicans tried to fool us by saying they are "mainstream". But the 2007 South Dakota session proved that they are for big government so that they can line their big business pockets with taxpayers’ money. They attacked small schools, small Daycares, and small family farms and ranches. These Country Club Republicans can hardly be considered mainstream. It is time for a coalition of the small people to stand up to the interests of these Country Club Republicans as they marry up with the big government Democrats. This needs to be done to save the Republican Party.

Read it all here.

It must have been just coincidence that I was talking with another Republican today on the very topic of the Majority Leader. It's getting to be pretty common knowledge (especially after the Kranz Article) that Senator Knudson's name is being floated around for Governor, and that former GOP State Party Chairman Joel Rosenthal appears to be an early supporter.

But what else am I hearing? My sources swear up and down that the word on the street is that "supposedly" the Republican version of Benedict Arnold, Former Senator Stan Adelstein, has committed his full support to Knudson in the race and isn't afraid to talk about it.

This shouldn't come as a surprise if he's truly backing Knudson. Why? Don't forget he was a founding member of the MAINstream coalition. Ed Olson, Stan Adelstein, Royal "Mac" McCracken, J.P. Duniphan, Duane Sutton, Tom Dempster and Dave Knudson were counted as some of the mainstream founders in an article in the Rapid City Journal.

Now, despite Kranz's article regarding Knudson making conservative overtures with his vote on the Sutton affair (which is crap, because it wasn't a conservative/liberal issue, it was a right..wrong issue), the collective beliefs and the votes the mainstreamers partnered on are going to be severely problematic in a Republican primary situation.

Mainstreamers might *and that's might* be able to have general election voters look past shared beliefs on issues such as being vociferously pro-choice, and in favor of allowing gay marriage in the state, but within the conservative enclave of the GOP primary, some of those positions they've taken are campaign killers.

In a Republican primary, there's a reason the most conservative candidates win. Because the most conservative Republicans vote.

I think that Knudson's challenge, if he wishes to run for Governor, will be to try to shed the liberalism of the MAINstream coalition he helped found. And as candidates in the last primary we had discovered, the MAINstream anchor is a heavy anchor around your neck to try to lift off.


Anonymous said…
Good. Let the Republicans take out their only chance of winning in the primary.

Just like they did Stan. Just like they did Sutton. The only one that doesn't hold is Duniphan, but, really, no Dem will ever win in District 33 because it's been geRRymandered.

But, yeah. I'm all for Schoenbeck taking out Knudson in the primary.

Paves the way for Scotty H. to be our next Gov. YOOOOUBEEETCHA.

Unless, of course, Micheals runs. Then Micheals wins. If Micheals runs, Michaels wins.

I'd sure like to see Eric Bouge enter the mix again, though. He's a lawyer, does that automatically make him a candidate for A.G.?

All I know is Bogue should be back in the mix.

Hmmm. It's all moot anyway. Rounds is going to run for Senate - and he'll get more national funding per capita than any other candidate in the nation.

Then Danny D. will get a chance in the big chair.

But, he broke the tie on the smoking ban. He's a nanny stater.

I wish Sibby would run as a Libertarian. Of course, he'd have to admit he was a Libertarian first. In any event, it would make for some funny quotes in the paper, and I wouldn't have to drudge through his rantings on his website to get a chuckle from his knothead one-liners.

Hhhhm. Of course, this could all be speculation at this point.
Anonymous said…
if Kranz and Rosenthal and Adelstein are backing Knudson he'll never get anywhere. His political instincts are HORRIBLE if he thinks those guys will help him. He's a nice guy, but very naive.
Anonymous said…
A conservative stands a better chance against Scott H. than Knudson would. There isn't much difference between Knudson and Scott, and Scott would get the liberal vote in this state. God help us all if Knudson gets the Republican vote in the primary.

Don't forget how Scott has ticked off many in political circles already. Would Scott run as a Democrat or Republican? Probably whatever one is more popular at that time.

Everyone knows why Scott is running for office...himself.
Anonymous said…
Sibson screams when Democrats use class warfare but has no problem using it himself.
Anonymous said…
"they are for big government so that they can line their big business pockets with taxpayers’ money"

Sounds like G.W . and Cheney
Anonymous said…
Don't worry about Sibson and the wacked out right. Hopefully they will purge the republican party of all of its reasonable elements and we can be done with it.
Anonymous said…
It matters not how straight the gate or how charged with punishment the scroll. I am the keeper of the state and the master of your soul. So sayeth the majority of this state's elected officials who make sure that the interests of the few outweigh the needs of the many. No matter if the accountability for their transgressions will be foisted upon the next generation. They've validated their philosophy and in the end that's all that counts in their eyes.
A pox on both their houses as neither can pour pi$$ out of a boot with the directions imprinted upon the heel.
Anonymous said…
Hey 3:24:

That is not so funny and not a good thing to say or do!!!!!

Does tho really mean what tho says?
Anonymous said…
Sibby was dropped on his head as a child (may times)!
Anonymous said…
Funny how Sibby doesn't allow comments on his blog. What an arrogant prick!
Anonymous said…
Knudson is smarter than 99.99% of the South Dakota population, and, perhaps, that will not bode well for his political future as governor.

In fact, in South Dakota, you have to dumb-down to the people it seems. I mean heck read some of the comments on this blog. Many of the people that commment on this blog are idiots--people who vote and you have to dumb-down to in order to get their vote. "I Like Mike" their bumpersticker might say. Ask them why they like Mike and who knows what kind of answer you'll get. It surely won't pertain to policy issues.

Knudson is a policy wonk. He's not flashy or media-attention-seeking. He calls it how it sees it.

I'd love to see a debate between Sibby and the "Country Club Republican" (Knudson). Maybe the "driveby media" would show up and report that Sibby got his rear end handed to him.
Anonymous said…
I think that Knudson would make a great Gubernatorial candidate. It is too bad that we may be instead stuck with a rabid conservative who will push the envelope and move the soccer moms further away from the tent. Good luck Dave!
Anonymous said…
PP, I noticed you took comments off the thread a while back that had cheap shots taken at Brock. I thank you for doing so. I must also ask you take down comments like (anon 4:17 PM). Comments like that are not necessary on blogs like this. Whether you agree with Sibby's stance on certain issues doesn't mean the rest of us should read your cheap shots. If someone wants to post ad hominem attacks there are plenty of liberal blogs who are begging for more complainers. I would hope this blog would stay away from that crap. I don't read this site for the personal attacks.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of removing comments, it is a complete joke that you will post that separated at birth garbage shortly after running to remove a comment whose author didn't care for image of Brock's stomach hanging over his shorts in the basketball game photo. What was wrong with that comment anyway?
Anonymous said…
Knudson is a smart man and a good legislator - but he simply won't make it through a Republican primary. He's pro-choice, so he alienates social conservatives, and he he anti-lottery - there go fiscal conservatives. Add to that: Sioux Falls, trial lawyer, Rosenthal/Adelstein, and you have a recipe for disaster.

For 2010, the GOP needs to look at Daugaard or Michels. Or both.
Anonymous said…
Oh great. Go from one unelectable liberal (Knudson) to another (Michels).

Conservatives are going to be backing Lee Schoenbeck, because he's the only one who knows what it's going to take to win. Daugaard might be the only other legitimate one in the hunt, but he's to close to Rounds.

Lee has been out helping candidates on his own time, and his own dime for several cycles now, while Randy "Feedsack" and the other minions follow commands of "do not help" certain Republians from on high.

Let the lefties talk about who their only electable candidate will be. Schoenbeck will leave them all in his dust after the June primary.
Anonymous said…
There seem to be a ton of posts on this blog favoring Schoenbeck. But I talk to a lot of people, and I cannot find ANYONE who thinks he has a chance. Lots of people talk about Daugaard, and plenty mention Michels or Knudson - people only mention Schoenbeck in a negative way.

And just a question - is it really a problem to be "too close" to a governor with a 75% approval rating who was just overwhelmingly reelected?
Anonymous said…
What legislators did Schoenbeck help last year? How did they do?
Anonymous said…
how many Lt gov's do we elect as gov in modern times?

oh, about none.
feasant said…
It is good to see quality people running for Gov. Look at the long list of good candidates the Republicans could pick from. Who do the Ds have to pick from?
Anonymous said…
GOP Primary Candidates
insert-Schoenbeck, Michels, Knudson

Dennis is a good man. I know him personally, but I think he has a job that is far more important than governor that will keep him from seeking that office. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask someone. I also don't think he cares to seek higher office. The only three names I've heard mentioned, seriously mentioned, are the three stated above. In addition, I agree with the above statement that Schoenbeck will be the candidate that appeals to the primary voters in the GOP. He is a limited government, social conservative. The Mainstream thing is a big negative to Knudson.
Anonymous said…
4:59 - You are referring to Daugaard's work as head of the Children's Home Society. He has worked there for years, refusing higher-paying offers to work elsewhere, because he believes in the organization's cause. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he decides that CHS is more important than seeking higher office - but that is a big loss for the State if that is true.
Anonymous said…
It looks like Adelstein/Rosenthal/et al have finally and fully exposed themselves as the George Soros of South Dakota politics. They have long prostituted themselves pursuing liberal causes hidden behind the Republican label. Knudson (wasn't he a Janklow/Rosenthal cronie from years back?) had better re-examine his affiliations if he has the governor's chair in his sights. Thank you Sibby and PP for exposing these frauds!
Anonymous said…
Daugaard will be a candidate. Write it down. He and Michels are the only ones I see that have any chance at beating Scotty.
Anonymous said…
anon 10:51
I don't think Daugaard is the only one that has a chance, but Daugaard would be incredibly tough to beat in a statewide race.

anon 11:53

You said, "Daugaard might be the only other legitimate one in the hunt, but he's to close to Rounds." like that is a bad thing. Did you see the election results from this past cycle?

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