It must be monday.

After I finally managed to get to Brookings on a later flight than anticipated (on Saturday), getting back this morning at "oh-dark-thirty," I'm finding that my segment of the home computer network is completely hosed.

It seems to be telling me that I've got network, but I can't see anyone else, nor do I have Internet.

Of the suspects, I can't tell if it's my switch that's goofed up, my network card, or if my network cable went itself that went bad. I know it's not the router, because I'm typing this from a computer plugged directly into it.

Of all of them, if it's my cable, I'm really going to be unhappy. That means I might have to look for another solution, since I'm not re-stringing that much cable. Unfortunately, wireless doesn't work well in this house between floors due to the fact this is probably the only house in town with poured concrete floors.

And I thought I'd exclusively be grumbling about politics today.


Anonymous said…
did you try rebooting?

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