Rapid City Mayoral Candidate Videos on line at RCJ

The Rapid City Journal has posted videos of the candidates running for the office of mayor in this years' election, where they lay out their background, and what they want to do for the city. Go check it out here.


Anonymous said…
Jim Shaw has had his shot and his time has come and gone. New faces PLEASE!!!!

Hanks is a decent guy. Smart with business development and a load of experience in Pierre fighting for Rapid City. And there are other choices. Another term of that smug blow-hard Shaw would force Rapid City into the same quagmire we see in Sioux Falls with Munson and his $100,000 KELO babe chief of staff.

C'mon RCity! We CAN do better.
Anonymous said…
Tom Johnson is the one candidate I can support. He isn't a glory hound like Kooiker. He isn't a stuffed shirt like Shaw. He isn't profoundly arrogant like Hanks. Johnson can take this community in the right direction.
Anonymous said…
This is an 8 way race, I hope Shaw and Johnson come in 9th and 10th repspectively. Shaw gets buck fever before evry decision and Johnson always makes the wrong decision.

Johnson ramrodded a 3 million dollar tax increase down our throats, after saying he would hold the line on taxes !! He lied during his campaign, what a SURPISE !! With Johnson as Mayor, city hall will be the number one quick loan center in South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
Kooiker needs to keep his supporters in check. Especially the former aldermen. Johnson supports development in a responsible fashion.
AL said…
Kooiker has a smart plan and experience. Hanks talks’ big and fancy but won't get anything done. He opposes property taxes so much but yet he is a real estate appraiser? Hmmm....
Anonymous said…
Has anyone seen Jim Shaw's Sioux Falls agency inspired billboards? "Now More Than ever?"

Wow, what mental midget dredged that up?

Maybe they don't realize that most of us out here were around during Nixon's race against McGovern and remember the rest of the slogan.

"Nixon Now, More Than Ever, Nixon Now."

And then that picture with both hands holding up two fingers, and Tricky Dick saying, "I am not a crook."

Whoo boy, its pretty much the last slogan I would have pulled out of the attic if I were Jimbo.

I'm just sayin'.
Anonymous said…
5:02 PM

why dont you keep me in check ?
Anonymous said…
7:23 I hear ya. How about this oldie but goodie?
"It's time for a change? " Or maybe the new, post modern version: "It's time."
Anonymous said…
quoting Tom Johnson, May 19 2004 Rapid city journal;
Johnson supports a repeal of sales tax on food. He said the city doesn't need to tax food to provide necessary services or expand the community, and that, if elected, he would hold the line on taxes.
"This is a new tax, and one Rapid City could have operated without. After sitting through 10 years of city budget hearings, I know Rapid City did not need to increase our taxes," he said.

quoting Tom Johnson, informational meeting Jan 18 2006:
Alderman Johnson explained he brought the idea of the $.16 forward.(sales tax increase)

Jan 17 2005 Rapid city council minutes:(to increase sales tax)
Ordinance No. 5019 (No. LF011205-12), amending the City of Rapid City’s Municipal Non-Ad Valorem Sales Tax Ordinance by Amending Sections 3.16.010 of the Rapid City Municipal Code was introduced. Upon a motion made by Hurlbut, seconded by Johnson, Ordinance 5019 was placed upon its first reading and the title was fully and distinctly read.

Tom Johnson seconded the motion to increase the city sales tax just 6 months after he said; he would hold the line on taxes. I know Rapid City did not need to increase our taxes," he said.

I guess anon 3:59 thinks raising taxes and lieing is the direction Rapid city needs to go.

p.s. yes, I am a former alderman, why dont you keep me in check yourself, anon 5:02 pm?
Anonymous said…
Here is Tom Johnson going after more tax revenue AGAIN, Rapid city journal Jan 11 2007, just this year !!

RAPID CITY -- Following the lead of Alderman Tom Johnson, the city's legal and finance committee voted 4-1 to proceed on the initial steps on a plan that eventually could bring parts of Rapid Valley into the city limits.
Johnson asked Wednesday that the city consider annexing commercial properties along S.D. Highway 44 in Rapid Valley to reap the benefits of added sales-tax revenue.

Alderman Sam Kooiker opposed the idea.

Johnson wanted to just cherry pick the commercial corridoor for the sales tax revenue, Johnson is out of control !!

sure was nice of Sam Kooiker to bring some sanity to the table
Anonymous said…
My name's not Sam. Sam I am not.
However as a candidate, I think Sam's hot!
He's won my heart, cuz he's fit for the part.
He wins my vote, cuz it's all I've got.
Anonymous said…
So,Sam K. must be the new poster boy in your masthead. Always wondered who that was. Also ,by looking at all the mayoral cadidates, I'd say don't trus anyone with a beard!
Anonymous said…
That would be trust, not trus!
Anonymous said…
A few months ago Hanks looked like some sort of mountain grizzly dude. Now he looks like a mini-Apa.

Sam's pic looks bad. Not having seen him up close in person, I can't say if it's a good pic or a head-on-a-post-pic.

Shaw is Shaw.

That leaves a few good choices, for those who think election pictures matter.

Seriously...couldn't Newland move to Rapid and run?
Anonymous said…
"Al said" says that it's bad that Hanks is opposed to raising property taxes because his is a real estate appraiser.

I don't get it; it's bad to oppose property tax increases?

It appears that it is an attempt to slam Hanks, I just don't get it.

Then there's 3:59 who is obviously Tom Johnson writing anonymously. He trashes everyone else and breaks is arm patting himself on the back. Tom, the readers of this site can see right through such posts.
Anonymous said…
How would annexing the business corridor in Rapid Valley have been bad? Shouldn't it be the goal of elected officials to serve the people they represent? This would have added revenue to the coffers of Rapid City. Maybe we should eliminate bus bench revenue as well; oh wait, Kooiker supported dropping Lamar, my bad.
Anonymous said…
11:46 says:

"I'd say don't trus anyone with a beard!"

Maybe you meant "truss"?

I'd say never trust anyone who CAN'T
grow a beard, (unless they're REAL women).
Anonymous said…
I suppose we could keep you in check, but Bobby H. and Tommy J. did that already. Maybe it puts some context to your vitriol.
Anonymous said…
sasquatch for mayor - just to get him out of the legislature where he fights against improving major black hills tourist attractions.

that's one campground owner who knows how to look out for number 1. because if it's not good for him, who cares if it's good for the state?
Anonymous said…
I saw the fight your silly mayor got into down in I-O-W-A and he slaps and kicks like a little girl. Maybe if he shaved the facial hair he'd look a little less like a railroad bum and more like a solid citizen.

Kicky kicky! Slappy slappy!
Anonymous said…
Sasquatch? Are you kidding me? The guy in the upper left looks like an axe murderer.
Anonymous said…
Where did you see the fight?

Slap, slap, slap.

Clap, clap, clap.

Slap, Slap, slap.

Clap, clap, clap.

Vote Bolby for Class President!
Anonymous said…
The guy in the upper left doesn't look like Lizzy Borden to me, but he does look a little like Comrade Lenin.
Anonymous said…
11:06 am
vitriol, now thats a compliment, sometimes the truth is a little caustic, especially concerniong Tom Johnson. I am trying to find his qoute in the journal when he said "dont call me a liar untill I am" do you know when Tom Johnson said that?, Thanx in advance.
Anonymous said…
I had to look vitriol up in the dictionary, as a noun it is sulfuric acid, haha
Anonymous said…
facts are facts, with or without context, with or without vitriol.
Anonymous said…
Is that like Geritol?
Anonymous said…
If you attended meetings like you attend this blog, you could be in office right now.
Anonymous said…
I attended more meetings than Hurlbut did his first 8 months, I never had a DWI. How much do you hafta drink to get to .257 BAC ? I never lied about my opponent. I just didnt know who my friends were, kinda like now. In the end it doesnt matter, I am just as deadly as an informed citizen. I participate in the process using facts and truth, Hurlbut and Johnson do not. My election wasnt about attendance, it was about who is the best liar, I am happy to report it wasnt me, it was your boy, congratulations.

Do you have a rebutal to my facts or are you content to insult me? I guess you hafta do what you are good at.
Anonymous said…
10:57, Who are you?
Anonymous said…
How much to get to .257?
Depends on his weight.
Looks like a pint of whiskey
and a big draught beer would do it
if he's under 200 lbs.

Anonymous said…
When is this election???

Hopefully soon, then the rest of us in SD who could care less can quit hearing about this circus.
Anonymous said…
Why would we want Sam Kookier run for mayor. He is KOOKY, he is like the Cookoo on the Cookoo clock he only comes out when he wants needs to. So I think we need to realize how Kooky he really is. I think Kookier is very koooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. So I hope Rapid City realizes what there getting into before the June 5 election.
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:25

I think you dropped one to many hits of acid.
Anonymous said…
Deb Hadcock's vicious attacks against Alan Hanks and Sam Kooiker will likely cause her to lose own council race.

Her post is like the 12:25 AM post.

Go Steve Laurenti.
Anonymous said…
I dont care who wins, I just have fun beating on loonies like Johnson. Johnson is like the turd that wont flush, the "everready turd" he keeps coming back, and back and back and back. A very sad testimony to the inteligence of ward one voters. To the voters credit, he usually only wins by very small margins.

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