I want to be in pictures. But Jae managed 4 scenes.

I'd love to be in film, mainly because I'm such an unabashed fan boy. But unlike me, Jae Csongradi up at the Office of School and Public Lands managed to be in 4 scenes shot for the National Treasure sequel out at Mt. Rushmore.

According to KCCR News:
A Pierre woman made the most of her time as a movie extra. Jae Csongradi last week spent about eight hours one day last week on the set of the sequel of the "National Treasures" being filmed in Rapid City. While some others have only been in one or two scenes, Csongradi got the chance to be in four scenes shot at Mount Rushmore.
Read it all here.

And Congrats Jae. We're all looking forward to seeing you on the big screen.


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