Senator's House torn apart by a tornado

Hat tip to Sibby for noticing this in the Mitchell paper on Senator Ed Olson's house having the roof torn off by a twister this weekend:

The home of Ed and Diane Olson, just northeast of Mitchell, was damaged severely by an apparent tornado Saturday. The roof was torn off of the kitchen and living room areas, and one of the living room walls was leaning. Some turkey hunters crouched in a nearby ditch while the storm passed and then rushed up to the house to check on Mrs. Olson, who was home alone.

Mrs. Olson said she and her husband, who was in Wisconsin during the weekend, plan to live temporarily in a friend’s rental house in Mitchell.

“I’m still in shock,” she said.

Read about it here.

Jeez. I feel terrible about this. While I certainly have disagreed with Ed on some things such as the Mainstream coalition, Ed is a pretty decent guy. Our thoughts are with him and the others who are going through this.


Anonymous said…
This is too bad. The whole mess is too bad.
Ed is a nice guy and fun and no I don't always agree with him.
I wish them a speedy clean-up replacement.
I am sure that all the locals will pitch in in all the areas of SD hit so hard.
I figure this was not how Aberdeen and a few other places planned on doing spring cleaning.
Sorry, i was not trying to make fun it just sometimes helps to add humor in bad times when you can.
Anonymous said…
Maybe his brother from The Village People will hold a benefit concert!
Anonymous said…
At the very least, he could stay at the Y.M.C.A.
Haggs said…
Wow. I'm glad everyone's okay.

They'll be in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
gezzzzzzz, come on, that is not where i would take the humor.
Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about humor or used humor.
Dick said…
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish I was closer to help you clean up.
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, 8:59 it's ok to laugh at Olson's misfortune around here, just not PP and his future boozer kid.

Just so's you know, we like making fun of people in pain and hurting everyone's feelings unnecessarily on this blog. That is, unless it will piss off Mrs. PP.

Them's the rules around here.

It's not PC, just PW.
Anonymous said…
Not funny poster poster 10:10a.
I may be mistaken but i don't think that PP makes fun of people per se.
I do believe that he does open debate.
Anonymous said…
There people go again picking on little kids.
Leave em out of it.
Anonymous said…
Just holding up a mirror...

But I'll quit, because I agree. It's not funny anymore.
Deputy Dawg said…
Best wishes to Ed and his family in their recovery, and to the others who received damages from this last bout of violent weather.
Anonymous said…
This event is a metaphor. The SD GOP, torn apart by tornado created by differing ideologies. Ed Olson is at the eye of the storm, but unscathed. Houses can be rebuilt but not until after the storm ends. Until then, everybody just holds on and hopes they don't get blown away.

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