Chad from CCK serves up a double dose of the problems with Catholics today

Chad over at the Clean Cut Kid must be on an anti-Catholicism tear today. Because he's serving up two posts in which he takes a couple of swings at the church and its dogma:

In Easy Questions, Easy Answers, he intimates that the church's position on celibacy for priests is "nuts."

and in No communion for you!, he assumes certain things on the priority of the church; "obviously nothing more important to the Catholic Church than the position that American politicians take on abortion rights."

It is troubling to me that while bloggers on the left advocate for special protections for groups because they believe they are targets for hate speech, they engage in the very types of behaviors they advocate stopping for the groups they favor.

If Chad hasn't noticed, despite the things he might have to say about the Catholic Church, of those voters who describe themselves as being a member of a Christian denomination (86%), Catholics comprise a staggering 25%. (A close #2 only to Lutherans at 27%).

So please. Please keep telling us about the problems with the Catholic Church. At least up through November 2008.


Anonymous said…
Lutherans are #1! Whoo-hoo! :)
Anonymous said…
Those darn Lutherans, jamming their views down everybody's craw.
Anonymous said…
Yup…forced Jell-O salads for everyone. A national ban on singing loudly or sitting in the front row(s) in church. (is this Lutherans, or just Norwegian Lutherans?)
Anonymous said…
Apparently Chad doesn't realize that Jesus was an unmarried, celibate man.
Anonymous said…
Are you, in all seriousness, referring to Chad's posts as "hate speech?"

That would only be considered hate speech if you think the Catholic church is above criticism of any sort.
Anonymous said…
Aparently anon 6:35 doesn't realize that Jesus was also entirely divine and without sin. Can the same be said for Catholic priests?
Anonymous said…
Listen you turkeys. You have way worse problems than Chad challenging you about Catholics. What most of us really and truly want to know is, how well, and how deeply do Steve Sibson and Bob Fisher represent your ranks?

And how old is our planet?

Answer those, and we'll know where we stand.
Anonymous said…
Can I get the lime jellow with the shredded colby?

God, that's to die for.
Anonymous said…
"Jesus was also entirely divine and without sin."

That is, if you believe the stories that were written about him. By people who didn't know him. Nearly 100 years after his death.
nonnie said…
If criticizing gays is hate speech, so criticizing Catholics or any other religion or ethnic group. What's the difference? Except that it's a lib doing it in Chad's case.
Anonymous said…
does chad's hypocrisy surprise anyone? tolerance is a one-way street.

Anonymous said…

You forgot to mention that Chad's post was about the fact the GOP's leading candidate, the cross dressing Rudy Giuliani, is Pro-Choice. Chad is simply asking if the Catholic Church is going to deny him Communion OR if that only applies to Democrats. As a Catholic, I expect my church to rail on him as much as they do Pro-Choice Democrats.
Anonymous said…
Apparently you guys don't know that Jesus was married and had a child.
Anonymous said…
Chad brings up a great point. The GOP's leading candidate, Rudy Giuliani, is Pro-Choice. Is the Catholic Church going to deny him Communion like it has for Pro-Choice Democrats? That's not hate speech, it's a good question.
PP said…
Why would it matter to Chad?

Or does he think the Bishop's pastoral communications to Tom Daschle were legitimate public fodder?
Anonymous said…
Legitimate or not, this type of communication has been made public before and has been part of presidential politics. In 2004, a certain Cardinal Ratzinger (know known by his much more stylish name Pope Benedict XVI) released a memorandum that American Bishops should deny communion to politicians who would allow legal abortions. This was release in the press quite prominently and used as an attack against John Kerry. Chad is just curious if the church is going to be consistent.
If they don’t deny him communion, it is hypocrisy of the highest order. If they don’t release it to the media (in the same fashion as before) it is political pandering of the highest order.
chad said…
A couple of things.

1. No problems with Catholics. Half my family is Catholic. Serious problems with the Catholic hierarchy, though.

2. LexRex is the last person to be talking about hypocrisy. We all know his past.

3. If there is hypocrisy to be found, it would be found in the Catholic hierarchy if they decide to continue to give Rudy the body and blood of Christ. I could care less who they give it to, but at the very least they should be consistent.

4. What I posted was hardly "hate speech." I would encourage everyone to read what was written. Institutions that hold power should constantly be questioned. Including the Catholic Church. Including the ELCA. Including the UMC. NO ONE is above criticism or questioning, especially when hypocrisy is abundant.
Anonymous said…
Please try to get in touch with reality for just a brief moment. I know that's hard for you to do. The Catholic Church has only made reference to pro-abortion politicians, NOT pro-abortion democrat or republican politicians. Of course, the church includes Rudi G. when they tell pro-abortion politicians to refrain from taking communion. The Pope just said on Wednesday that the killing of an innocent child is incompatible with receiving communion, which is receiving the body of Christ. My 2nd grader understands that. Why is it so difficult for you?
chad said…
9:40 --

I believe I understand that the rules are "supposed" to apply to any politician who supports abortion rights.

I believe the most important point is that we need to watch how the "Hierarchy" responds to Rudy's newfound desire to campaign as a pro-choicer. John Kerry in 2004 was very publicly rebuked by the Boston Archbishop O'Malley and then-Cardinal Ratzinger.

Will Rudy receive the same public "shaming"?

It remains to be seen.
Anonymous said…
I fully expect the church to hold Rudy to the same standard as they do Democratic pro-abortion politicians. As a pro-life Catholic, I would be angry if they wouldn't. I don't think that will be an issue, because I really don't think there is any chance of the church deliniating between the two.
Anonymous said…
Uh, does anybody remember the Kennedys? How many dispensations have they gotten? Yep, the church needs to be consistent.
Anonymous said…
Kerry was denied the Eucharist? When? There was suggestions he may be denied, but in fact he never, ever was.

We can argue if he should have been, but really Chad, get your facts straight.

Kerry takes communion after Vatican edict
BOSTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry received communion from a Catholic priest Saturday, one day after a top Vatican cardinal said politicians who support abortion rights should be denied the Eucharist.
chad said…
1:32 --

You are correct that Kerry wasn't actually denied the Eucharist.

He was, however, publicly "shamed" by the Hierarchy; a story that was of some significance during the '04 race. I just have to wonder if Rudy is going to receive a similar treatment. I don't know that he will or that he should. But it would certainly look hypocritical for them to give Rudy a public pass after what they did to Kerry.
Anonymous said…
Oh, my God! How stupid can you get? Even when he puts the truth right in front of you face, you can't see it. Comets devastate, earthquakes destroy, tsunamis annihilate. There's nothing personal going on there, just nature. And your egos sometimes (check that - almost always) getting in the way of your comprehension of it.
Anonymous said…
Chad has something deep seated against believing Catholics and the Catholic Church. He is entitled to his opinions. If he works for a canidate for public office his personal views and comments, which some may see as dicriminatory and hate filled and anti-Catholic, should rightly be subject to comment and criticism, including questioning of the Candidate.

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