Engines, Links, and profusion.

I was doing some poking around the 'Net today while my youngest 2 kids are taking a nap, and the rest of the family is at the beach. And I decided to take a walk on the wild side and access the "hidden Internet." Actually, these are databases and other things typically not indexed by Yahoo or Google.

Profusion looks like it's going to be my new 'bestest friend' as far as search engines are concerned. WOW! It searched 7 search engines within seconds, and gave me way more than I ever needed to know about South Dakota politicians. In perusing it, I also stumbled across "Brainy Quote" which includes databases of quotes from our own politicians:
Governor Mike Rounds
Senator John Thune
Senator Tim Johnson
No big moral here, just a useful item to add to your toolchest.


Sophia said…
I am excited about this moderate coalition.
BTW, weren't Linda Lea Viken and Judy Olson gerrymandered out of office? Too bad. That was our loss.
PP said…
Gerrymandered out of office? Could have fooled me. I was there. It wasn't a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination.

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