McCook is a happening place!

Clearly from the Argus Leader this AM, McCook County is where I should be moving instead of Brookings. In one day, they make a move to endorse the zoning ordinance for Laurent, a entire new town for South Dakota, and they also ban nudity again.

You know with that whole nudity ban thing in McCook County, I think we need the South Dakota Family Policy Council involved in that. Why? Because the Nude bar owner and the director of the family policy council almost share the same name: Robert Rieger and Robert Regier.

Every time I read something from either of them, I have to do a double take. One is defending what he feels is his constitutional right to display nudity. The other I would anticipate would defend the right of the county to ban it.

If it's not indicated by their name in articles in the paper, I'm sometimes wondering if I'm reading the words of the nudie bar guy or the conservative crusader. One wants government out of our lives. The other wants government to dictate standards on behavior.

Hmmmm, wasn't I just quoting Ronald Reagan noting that "government is the problem and not the solution" a few posts ago?

Now, don't get me wrong. I have 5 daughters, and a wife who reads this, so I'm not going to openly cheer on the nude bar guy. I've been.... Er, I've HEARD about those places. That's it. I've heard about those places. It's certainly not a place I'd want my daughters to work, and many times, I think these gals have one addiction or another, or at the very least some emotional or personality issues.

If it wasn't a business that tends to exploit women with these issues, you'd have to admire the person's moxie in standing up to government. Only if it wasn't.

It's one of those moral quandries that people on the opposite sides of the aisle find themselves in. One side of the aisle might be against the Death Penalty. One side is against abortion. O.K., they both involve ending life (at one stage or another) . So who is right and who is wrong?

How in the heck does this relate to campaigning? Well, if you're thinking about being a candidate, you better get out your philosopher's cap, and do some deep thinking. It's ill advised to stammer on issues like these, because you might find yourself dead in the water.

We don't like candidates who can't answer questions. Easy ones or difficult ones. It irreperably damaged Ted Kennedy's campaign when he was asked "Why do you want to be president?" And he didn't have an answer.

We like our politicians to have the answers. We demand it. Because they are the ones putting themselves up as leaders. If the leader doesn't have the answer, we're all screwed!

Going into a debate? Best to have a team of people drill you with the questions that are tough, off the wall, and things that are designed to piss you off. Because during the drill, you can work out answers, and figure out how to handle something coming in from left field.

Better to strike out during the practice game, as opposed to the world series.


Anonymous said…
That sucks. I was all hot and ready for deaf nude dancers.

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